A sustainable, multi-use substitute for leather?

It is no longer a surprise that Van den Breekel is committed to using sustainable, ecological or even recycled materials in shoe production. After all, a shoe line that is seamlessly in tune with the current times goes beyond having the perfect fit and excellent quality. There is still so much to discover in the world of sustainability, and we like to explore the latest technologies and possibilities. Our next step: a sustainable leather substitute.

We continue to develop ourselves

Keep an eye on us for exciting news! In fact, Van den Breekel is getting around the table with a manufacturer to jointly develop a sustainable leather substitute. These materials can then be used not only by our own customers, but also by industry. So how are we going to do this? You can think about combining existing microfiber materials with material from residual streams such as mold, pulp and powder. How exactly we are going to do that, you will hear from us, of course. Together we are going for a beautiful, high-quality product that will last a long time and is multi-purpose. The intention is that the developed material is a long-term solution for replacing leather, without compromising the quality or appearance.

Cool concepts combined with the power of sustainability

Van den Breekel develops sustainable materials for the future of the shoe industry. From the beginning, we have been concerned with how we can do our part for a better world. We began by testing our production methods and materials for harmful substances and banned materials. Now we work exclusively with materials free of substances such as Azo, chromium VI, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Unfortunately, we often see that making shoe productions more sustainable creates obstacles in fun, new concepts. We find that unnecessary. Therefore, we like to design and produce cool new models, in a sustainable way.

Would you like to collaborate with a sustainable shoe producer?

Would you like to set up a sustainable shoe line and are you looking for a party that understands your wishes and actively thinks along with you? Van den Breekel designs complete shoe lines with a perfect fit thanks to handmade lasts that your customers can walk away with. From the drawing board to the realization of the production we can relieve you of all your worries. Are you curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us for more information. We will gladly provide you with professional and appropriate advice on your new shoe line.