Rob van den Breekel


As a young boy, Rob van den Breekel caught the shoe fever, partly thanks to his grandfather, who worked in the leather industry, and his father, who worked in the shoe industry (Rob’s father is still involved in the development of samples and small-scale sample series).
Rob’s goal has always been to develop shoes and introduce original concepts to the market. Due to Rob’s passion for the development of beautiful shoe concepts and thanks to the extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers that he built up, he decided to provide this service to third parties.

The van den Breekel family has been working in the leather and shoe industry since 1977.

Van den Breekel Schoenen was founded in 2003 based on Rob's experience at various shoe companies (such as Ecco, Berkelmans etc.). From his extensive network of production areas and because of the increasing demand for exclusive (comfort) shoe concepts, he decided to start his own shoe development. This gives him the space to focus on his passion: the development and production of honest and innovative shoes.



Van den Breekel Schoenen develops and produces shoes for women, men and children. We are a family business that has been working in the leather and shoe industry since 1977.

Our specialization is the design, development and production of different types of shoes, where we can serve everyone and offer the complete spectrum of shoes.

This allows our customers to focus on their core business, marketing and sales. We take care of all processes involved in the development of shoes, such as the development from shoe last, the outsole, footbed etc. We also take care of the development of prototypes and providing the right sales and presentation samples.

We offer the complete range of final production, including quality control, monitoring and the provision of appropriate tests and certificates if required.



Always responding to trends and developments

Every season, Van den Breekel Schoenen develops a series of exclusive shoe collections for its customers. These collections are developed based on the needs of our customers.

We suggest new shoe lasts, materials and colours, and respond to the latest trends. To ensure that the developed collections meet the expectations of our customers, we keep close contact with our suppliers and visit various trade fairs to be inspired by the latest fashion trends, innovative materials and to keep abreast of the latest production technologies.

We apply this knowledge to the shoe collections we develop for our customers.


Shaped to suit you

Not a good shoe without the right punctuation


Over the years we have built up an extensive collection of shoe lasts, and thanks to our in-house shoe lasts development department we can act quickly to make the shoe lasts you need. Together with our partners we can quickly put new shoe lasts into production.

The shoe lasts are the basis of the shoe development process. We look at what type of shoe lasts fits the product and ensure the right fit and size.

Create comfort

We ensure the right fit and appearance

The increasing demand for exclusive comfort shoes is one of the reasons why we started developing innovative shoes.

Especially with comfort shoes, it is essential to develop a perfect fitted shoe last. Sizes are crucial in this area to ensure that the shoe fits well and provides the best comfort for the owner. Thanks to our own shoe last department, we can provide every type of foot with a comfort shoe, from narrow to extra wide fit.

With comfort shoes the emphasis and attention is usually on the fit, but we think it is way behind us that a comfort shoe consists of a simple and boring design. For us, the right look and feel of the shoe is a standard that we strive for in all our shoes. We create shoes that are comfortable to wear, with all attention to the last and the style of the shoe.

Shoe last Development


Your product & the environment


We recognise the growing need for environmentally friendly production and see an increasing demand for the use of metal-free, vegetable tanned or biodegradable materials.

Therefore, we believe in the development of recycled shoes and take up the challenge of creating new shoe concepts by upcycling old shoes/materials. For what is seen as waste, we make innovative and exclusive shoes.

We have experience in working with sustainable materials and also encourage their use. Our production methods for footwear and materials are tested for harmful substances such as Azo, chromium VI, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other prohibited materials laid down in EU legislation. We can also assist you with environmentally friendly production and packaging methods.

Production and development

Together to the right result

Creativity is more than just good design. Together with our clients, we create whole new concepts. We are open to develop special projects. We like to take that extra step, and are not afraid to go off track.

From our office in Moergestel, the Netherlands, and together with our partners in Europe and Asia, we serve clients from all over Europe.
Our customers are mainly sales organisations, web and wholesale companies with different brands in their portfolio.

Van den Breekel Schoenen offers a suitable solution when it comes to taking care of the development and production process of shoes.

Design & production

Experience and advice

Knowledge sharing with our partners


Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and work with an extensive network of production partners in Europe and Asia.

Together with our manufacturing partners, we can develop any kind of footwear based on different requirements and constructions, such as: cemented, strobel, California, stitch-down, blake, good-year, and direct-injection.

We analyse and advise which construction best fits the concept.

Achieving objectives together

Trust, reliability, creativity & innovation

Midpoint Provincie Noord-Brabant

We work a lot in a personal manner and offer flexible and competitive services according to our customers' needs.

On this basis we build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Trust, reliability, creativity and innovation are at the centre.

With the help of these qualities, we do everything we can to achieve the jointly set goals. To make a success of our developed products, we are aware that clear communication, punctuality and accuracy are essential.

We work closely with Midpoint Brabant who ensure the support of regional economic developments of SMEs in Central Brabant to support innovative collaborative projects in the start-up phase. Midpoint Brabant is responsible for implementing the projects in Midden-Brabant.

The project "The up-cycled shoe" was partly realized with a subsidy from the province of Noord-Brabant.