Affordable children’s shoes with a perfect fit and honest materials

As an entrepreneur with your own shoe brand, you can go in any direction. You can develop a shoe brand with shoe lines that each have the same target audience, or go for shoe lines that target different ages, the opposite sex or engaging in different activities. It is up to you to develop a product that is indispensable for your target audience. Would you like to design, develop and have produced affordable children’s shoes with a perfect fit and honest materials without harmful substances? At Van den Breekel, we are happy to do this for you.

The right fit thanks to knowledge of children’s shoes

At Van den Breekel, we have years of experience in creating perfect shoe lasts. These lasts are made by hand in our workshop, giving the shoes an excellent fit and exceptional comfort. We make lasts for every age and for every type of shoe so we know exactly what is best for the target audience of your shoe line. With children’s shoes, it is essential that they be fitted with the perfect fit. This is because children’s feet are still growing and shoes that are too narrow hinder the natural growth of the feet.

Which materials are most suitable for your shoe line?

Van den Breekel is committed to making the shoe industry more sustainable. We do this by working exclusively with materials without harmful substances and having the shoe lines produced with the latest and safest techniques. Thanks to our thorough quality control throughout the process, you are assured of the best materials for your line of affordable children’s shoes. After all, excellent materials don’t have to come at a premium price, and we realize that all too well.

In addition, we continuously keep up with the latest techniques and do research to find the ultimate leather substitute. At Van den Breekel we like to work with sustainable, ecological (vegan) and even recycled materials so we can always provide you with a durable shoe line with the right materials.

Have your children’s shoes produced?

We are happy to design, develop and produce affordable children’s shoes with a perfect fit and honest materials for you. Based on your wishes, we realize the shoe line you had in mind. Would you like more information about the possibilities? We would be happy to tell you more! We are available by phone every business day for all your questions, feel free to contact us. Start your children’s shoe line together with Van den Breekel.