sneakers latest technology

We develop sneakers with the latest technology!

19 January 2023

The world of sneaker manufacturing moves very fast. The latest technologies are quickly overtaken by new techniques and trends making it essential to keep up and move with the flow. When a leading sneaker brand introduces a new technology, it is often an instant success. New technologies not only affect the comfort of the sneakers, but also do a lot for the image and design of the shoe. Consumers choose consciously and are not left behind. Continuing to research ensures innovation and thus progress in the sneaker industry. Would you like to produce a sneaker line that puts you at the forefront of the latest technologies? This is possible with Van den Breekel as your designer and production partner.

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leather substitute

A sustainable, multi-use substitute for leather?

5 January 2023

It is no longer a surprise that Van den Breekel is committed to using sustainable, ecological or even recycled materials in shoe production. After all, a shoe line that is seamlessly in tune with the current times goes beyond having the perfect fit and excellent quality. There is still so much to discover in the world of sustainability, and we like to explore the latest technologies and possibilities. Our next step: a sustainable leather substitute.

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shoe production capacity

Need production capacity to produce your shoes or shoe uppers?

15 December 2022

As a shoe company, do you need a reliable manufacturer with a wide network of suppliers that we can work with at lightning speed? It can be difficult to find the right shoe products you want to hire for a fantastic final project. Are your sample packages already ready but you just can’t get the shoes produced? Van den Breekel works with shoe manufacturers across Europe, and even in Asia, allowing us to provide you with the production capacity you need.

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customized sneaker line

Are you thinking about launching a customized sneaker line?

1 December 2022

When launching a shoe line, it is essential to keep an eye on current trends, perhaps even predict them, and respond accordingly. A big trend that we have seen in recent years, and is still incredibly popular, is setting up a customized sneaker line! Having unique sneakers has been no secret since the beginning of the popular type of footwear. Thanks to the option of being able to customize sneakers, this whole thing is taken to a new level. We’ll tell you more about this popular phenomenon here.

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waterproof shoe line

Waterproof shoe line: essential in autumn

15 November 2022

Now that it is autumn, we notice that we are more and more often surprised with a spontaneous rain shower. Consequently, some of our shoes are better left in the closet. Because: soggy feet? I’d rather not. Waterproof shoes are indispensable in every autumn collection. Of course you do not immediately have to think of rain boots. Van den Breekel designs and produces waterproof sneakers, booties or even snowboots so that practical shoes can also be fashionable. Are you interested in setting up a waterproof shoe line?

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shoe trends 2023

Shoe trends 2023: what can you expect?

20 October 2022

Even though some shoes are timeless, trends in the shoe industry move quickly. The beginning of a new season, or a new year, means the arrival of new trends. If you would like to launch a fashion footwear line, it is essential to take into account the trends of the moment. Only then can you respond to consumer needs. Are you looking for a shoe manufacturer and interested in the shoe trends of 2023? Here we briefly tell you what to expect.

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italian shoe design

The charm of an Italian shoe design

22 September 2022

Italian shoes are known as some of the best footwear in the world. Design from Italy is recognizable and appears in all facets of everyday life, not just in the shoe industry. Italy is known as a perfectionist, stylish and romantic country where the leading designs come from. In addition, Italians like to use materials of excellent quality for the products they make. The sense of style and quality combine to create a perfect match for producing shoes. Thanks to our partners in Italy, Van den Breekel can provide you with a line of shoes equipped with all the benefits of Italian shoes.

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luxury shoes brand

Create your own luxury shoe brand

8 September 2022

More and more of our customers opt for durable products of higher quality. Not surprisingly, a good quality product lasts longer thanks to the right materials and excellent production. Are you interested in setting up your own luxury shoe brand? Of course we can help you with this. Van den Breekel advises you extensively on the best choices for your shoe brand. We tell you more about our work here.

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safety shoes

High quality safety shoes? We produce them!

25 August 2022

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to realize your safety footwear line? At Van den Breekel we have the right knowledge and experience to take this off your hands. We are happy to develop safety and work shoes that are not only completely safe, but also look smart and fun. Safety shoes generally have the image of looking old-fashioned and stuffy. We believe that this does not have to be the case at all. So, together with Van den Breekel, create safety shoes that get noticed!

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sustainable business

Sustainable business: also in the shoe industry

11 August 2022

Sustainable business is becoming increasingly popular. Many entrepreneurs have realized that making their production, working methods or office more sustainable is a good step forward. But what exactly is sustainable business? And how can we, as a shoe manufacturer, respond to this? By sustainable business practice we mean that a company is aware that it is responsible for pollution and takes action to minimize it. How does Van den Breekel do that?

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