handmade shoe lasts

Our handmade shoe lasts

25 May 2023

Van den Breekel is a shoe manufacturer that can completely relieve you from the beginning to the end of the process towards the production of your shoe line. We find it essential that you as a customer can launch exactly the shoe line you have in mind. As a result, we follow your wishes in…

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breathable sneakers

Produce breathable sneakers for summer?

11 May 2023

In summer, we want to be able to walk in shoes that properly support our feet and allow us to take nice walks without our feet overheating. An airy sneaker, made of fabrics that breathe excellently and keep the feet cool thanks to good ventilation are indispensable in everyone’s shoe collection. Would you like to…

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shoe line barefoot

Starting a shoe line for barefoot walking and running

20 April 2023

Barefoot hiking and running is something we are seeing more and more often. Although the name of this form of sport suggests otherwise, it is essential to wear the right shoes while performing this sport. Developing these barefoot shoes requires specific expertise beyond the creation of “running” shoes. At Van den Breekel, we possess that knowledge. Therefore, you can turn to us to start a barefoot shoe line that will provide wearers with exactly the support and comfort they need to enjoy this sport.

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boots wide narrow calves

Convenience and comfort: develop boots for wide and narrow calves

6 April 2023

You see beautiful boots in the shop window, exactly the model you have been looking for for ages. A little nervous, you ask if you can try them on in your own size, because you know: often the shoe fits, but the boot just does not. And indeed … this time the beautiful boot has to stay in the store because it is not the right size for your calves. A very recognizable and common problem.

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children's shoe line

Affordable children’s shoes with a perfect fit and honest materials

23 March 2023

As an entrepreneur with your own shoe brand, you can go in any direction. You can develop a shoe brand with shoe lines that each have the same target audience, or go for shoe lines that target different ages, the opposite sex or engaging in different activities. It is up to you to develop a product that is indispensable for your target audience. Would you like to design, develop and have produced affordable children’s shoes with a perfect fit and honest materials without harmful substances? At Van den Breekel, we are happy to do this for you.

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your own shoe brand

Starting your own shoe brand?

9 March 2023

If you, as a (starting) entrepreneur, want to start your own shoe brand, we at Van den Breekel can only applaud that. A lot of things are changing in the shoe world, which makes it excellent for you to join one of the many new trends. When setting up a shoe brand, however, there are some crucial things you need to think about. To make your shoe brand a success, it is important to include the steps below in your process:

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cowboy boots

Cowboy boots: a classic in a new look

23 February 2023

In the footwear industry, we always see old trends making a comeback. Various classics are seen again from time to time as the latest trends. Now it’s time for cowboy boots to make a comeback. And Van den Breekel is producing them! Cowboy boots for women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can vary endlessly in design and production in fit, colors, materials and design. Would you like to respond to the latest trends and are you looking for a shoe manufacturer to realize your modern shoe collection? We are happy to relieve you by taking the entire process out of your hands.

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shoe collection

Combining your own clothing line with a matching shoe collection?

9 February 2023

Do you have your own clothing line and would like to combine it with a matching shoe collection? Then it is essential that you hire a partner who can take over the whole process. At Van den Breekel, we actively think along with our clients and there is room for creativity and innovativeness. Your clothing line has been carefully created and originated from an inspiring concept: we provide a shoe line that perfectly matches it. Are you curious about what we can do for you?

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sneakers latest technology

We develop sneakers with the latest technology!

19 January 2023

The world of sneaker manufacturing moves very fast. The latest technologies are quickly overtaken by new techniques and trends making it essential to keep up and move with the flow. When a leading sneaker brand introduces a new technology, it is often an instant success. New technologies not only affect the comfort of the sneakers, but also do a lot for the image and design of the shoe. Consumers choose consciously and are not left behind. Continuing to research ensures innovation and thus progress in the sneaker industry. Would you like to produce a sneaker line that puts you at the forefront of the latest technologies? This is possible with Van den Breekel as your designer and production partner.

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leather substitute

A sustainable, multi-use substitute for leather?

5 January 2023

It is no longer a surprise that Van den Breekel is committed to using sustainable, ecological or even recycled materials in shoe production. After all, a shoe line that is seamlessly in tune with the current times goes beyond having the perfect fit and excellent quality. There is still so much to discover in the world of sustainability, and we like to explore the latest technologies and possibilities. Our next step: a sustainable leather substitute.

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