producing winterboots

Winter boots for every winter activity

26 October 2023

Winter is a season filled with cold and outdoor sporting activities. The right gear, especially warm winter boots, can make the difference between a great adventure and a cold day with sore feet. Our commitment goes beyond just developing shoe concepts; we offer a comprehensive shoe production package, even starting with creating the initial designs…

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developing slippers

Time for slippers! We create delightful house shoes

12 October 2023

Slippers and house shoes are more than just footwear to keep your feet warm. They are a symbol of comfort, relaxation, and personal style. At Van den Breekel, we understand that designing and manufacturing the perfect slippers and house shoes is more than just providing warm footwear for your feet. We would like to tell…

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bashoe outdoor

Keep an eye for Bashoe Outdoor!

21 September 2023

Van den Breekel is collaborating with various clients on exciting projects—individuals with a clear vision and a concept they’d like to bring to life. “Could this be possible?” Over the past year, we’ve worked diligently to turn a beautiful idea into reality: high-quality hiking shoes that provide the wearer with all the necessary comfort during…

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warm shoes

Warm shoes for winter? It’s all about the right materials!

7 September 2023

The warm days of the year are behind us; we’re once again looking forward to autumn and winter! This transition of seasons brings significant changes in everyone’s shopping behavior each year. For shoe enthusiasts, these seasons offer an excellent opportunity to wear warm, stylish, and sustainable footwear that perfectly matches the season’s atmosphere. But what…

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knitted sneakers

The Sustainable Benefits of Knitted Sneakers

24 August 2023

For some time now, there has been a remarkable trend capturing the attention of both fashion-conscious individuals and environmentally conscious consumers: knitted sneakers! These shoes, known for their minimalist design and sustainable materials, form a perfect fusion of fashion, innovation, and environmental friendliness. At Van den Breekel, an expert in designing and producing high-quality shoelines,…

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sheepskin footwear

Sheepskin footwear: both functional and stylish!

10 August 2023

In the dynamic world of shoe fashion, we have been engaged for years in designing, developing, and producing high-quality lines of shoes. With a dedication to quality, style, and innovation, Van den Breekel has specialized in a unique type of shoes that is both functional and stylish: Sheepskin Footwear. In this blog, we delve deeper…

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producing own design shoes

Producing Your Own Designed Shoes?

20 July 2023

Do you have an amazing shoe design or idea that you would love to bring to life? At Van den Breekel, we offer you the unique opportunity to have your own shoe line produced based on your own design or concept. We can support you throughout the entire process, from creating a prototype to the…

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develop beach shoes

Beach Shoes: Both Functional and Fashionable

6 July 2023

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time to head to the beaches! Would you like to develop a line of beach shoes? At Van den Breekel, we understand the need for the perfect beach shoes and are eager to collaborate with you. We combine the perfect fit with a stylish design and…

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sustainable shoe brand

Is it your dream to start a sustainable shoe brand?

22 June 2023

As a shoe developer and manufacturer, we are passionate about creating high-quality shoe lines that are not only known for their high comfort, but also meet the needs of our planet. The footwear industry is changing. Core values are shifting and we are becoming more conscious about the impact production has on the environment. At…

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comfortable heels

Produce comfortable heels? It’s possible!

8 June 2023

High heels are worn by women all over the world. Heels look elegant and business-like, and can elongate your silhouette. Although heels are a valuable addition to many outfits, more and more people are choosing a comfortable shoe (or sneaker) to avoid discomfort and pain during a long day. Too often, beautiful heels are still…

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