italian shoe design

The charm of an Italian shoe design

22 September 2022

Italian shoes are known as some of the best footwear in the world. Design from Italy is recognizable and appears in all facets of everyday life, not just in the shoe industry. Italy is known as a perfectionist, stylish and romantic country where the leading designs come from. In addition, Italians like to use materials of excellent quality for the products they make. The sense of style and quality combine to create a perfect match for producing shoes. Thanks to our partners in Italy, Van den Breekel can provide you with a line of shoes equipped with all the benefits of Italian shoes.

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luxury shoes brand

Create your own luxury shoe brand

8 September 2022

More and more of our customers opt for durable products of higher quality. Not surprisingly, a good quality product lasts longer thanks to the right materials and excellent production. Are you interested in setting up your own luxury shoe brand? Of course we can help you with this. Van den Breekel advises you extensively on the best choices for your shoe brand. We tell you more about our work here.

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safety shoes

High quality safety shoes? We produce them!

25 August 2022

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to realize your safety footwear line? At Van den Breekel we have the right knowledge and experience to take this off your hands. We are happy to develop safety and work shoes that are not only completely safe, but also look smart and fun. Safety shoes generally have the image of looking old-fashioned and stuffy. We believe that this does not have to be the case at all. So, together with Van den Breekel, create safety shoes that get noticed!

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sustainable business

Sustainable business: also in the shoe industry

11 August 2022

Sustainable business is becoming increasingly popular. Many entrepreneurs have realized that making their production, working methods or office more sustainable is a good step forward. But what exactly is sustainable business? And how can we, as a shoe manufacturer, respond to this? By sustainable business practice we mean that a company is aware that it is responsible for pollution and takes action to minimize it. How does Van den Breekel do that?

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sustainable shoes

Better for the world and for you

21 July 2022

At Van den Breekel, we are constantly working to improve our products and our way of working. Tens of billions of shoes are produced each year: the shoe industry is therefore an important place to make a change if we want to make the world a little greener. We realize only too well that we have a part to play in this, which is why we are always looking for ways to bring more and more sustainable shoes to market. In this blog we would like to tell you how we do that.

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target market shoes

Know your target market: where do you need to be?

7 July 2022

When designing a shoe line, it is essential to think carefully about the target group of your project in addition to the right materials and lasts. For what purpose or activity would you like to develop shoes? And where in the world would you like to market them? There are clear differences when we look at what shoes are popular in different parts of the world.

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Specialist in comfort shoes

23 June 2022

At Van den Breekel, we ensure that we can always meet your needs. Our knowledge and experience in the business allows us to look beyond the design of a shoe line. By making special lasts ourselves, designing and producing anatomical footbeds and using exclusive materials, we develop high quality comfort shoes. We recently created a comfort shoe concept for one of our customers, we will tell you more about that here.

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summer shoes

The shoe factory for summer shoes

9 June 2022

The summer has begun! When temperatures rise, we prefer to reach for our sandals and flip-flops right away. Much of our body heat escapes from our feet. So airy shoes are great. When developing summer shoes, it is therefore essential to consider the question: how do feet stay pleasantly cool? Read more about how we do that here.

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designing shoes netherlands

Who designs shoes in the Netherlands?

19 May 2022

We are committed to the development of original and progressive shoe concepts. We get excited by creative requests work and them out in detail from start to finish. The beginning of a shoe line is the design. The first sketch grows into a true building instruction for the prototype and the final samples. With these samples you can have the shoe line produced. Imagine: you have a good idea, but not the knowledge or experience to work it out into a flawless design. Then you can come to Van den Breekel.

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production shoes

Production at Van den Breekel: how does it work?

5 May 2022

After producing the prototype and the samples, the next step in the process begins: production. You may think that it is only now starting, but actually most of the work has already been done. Once everything is clear, it’s just a matter of preparing everything for serial production. The appropriate materials, the perfect last and the most beautiful patterns have already been chosen. What happens next?

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