Convenience and comfort: develop boots for wide and narrow calves

You see beautiful boots in the shop window, exactly the model you have been looking for for ages. A little nervous, you ask if you can try them on in your own size, because you know: often the shoe fits, but the boot just does not. And indeed … this time the beautiful boot has to stay in the store because it is not the right size for your calves. A very recognizable and common problem.

Your own boot collection, suitable for everyone

It is actually too crazy for words that the shoe has multiple sizes but the boot does not. For the size, often 1 standard size is chosen which is expected to fit most people. For many women, however, this is not the case. Do you want to develop boots that fit everyone perfectly?

We have noticed for some time that there is great demand for a solution to this problem. And we can provide that solution. Stylish boots made of beautiful materials with different calf sizes. So everyone can walk away with your specially designed boots. Boots for wide and narrow calves can be realized at Van den Breekel. We make the lasts of shoes and boots ourselves, allowing us to create the ultimate fit. Thus, the boots not only look great, but the comfort is also incredibly high.

Boots designed by professionals

Lovely fitting, stylish boots for every woman, so. Together with you, we would like to sit down at the drawing table for that. Have you designed a beautiful line for which you are looking for a developer who can make the right fit? Or are you looking for a manufacturer who works with the best materials for a fantastic end result? No matter how much of the entire process you want to bring to us, we are happy to take it off your hands from start to finish. From the initial design, to the prototypes and delivery of the shoe line, we’ll make sure your new shoe line is designed entirely according to your needs.

Realizing your boot collection with Van den Breekel?

The perfect fit, sustainable materials, honest production and inspiring designs. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then feel free to contact us for more information. Based on your wishes, we will realize the shoe line you had in mind. We would love to hear your ideas for a boot collection that fits everyone!