Cowboy boots: a classic in a new look

In the footwear industry, we always see old trends making a comeback. Various classics are seen again from time to time as the latest trends. Now it’s time for cowboy boots to make a comeback. And Van den Breekel is producing them! Cowboy boots for women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can vary endlessly in design and production in fit, colors, materials and design. Would you like to respond to the latest trends and are you looking for a shoe manufacturer to realize your modern shoe collection? We are happy to relieve you by taking the entire process out of your hands.

The beginning of the popular cowboy boot

Cowboy boots have a long history and have returned to the forefront of shoe fashion many times. The shoe was first seen in the sixteenth century where they were worn by cowboys who had to spend hours comfortably on their horses. Because they were thus primarily worn by horsemen, the boots have the design we know all too well today: a boot with rounded heel and chamfered heel. Then incredibly practical, now mostly visually appealing. Thanks to being able to shape the perfect fit and modern production methods, they are now made much more user-friendly and designed so that we can walk comfortably in them for hours.

An addition to any outfit

Cowboy boots are back for a reason. This long-standing trend has been picked up by various audiences, resulting in high demand for this model of shoe. Cowboy boots complete trendy outfits. The boots give everyone’s outfit a real boost and can be combined with jeans, as well as skirts and dresses. Thanks to this shoe, every outfit gets a cool touch, to which they owe their success.

Cowboy boots completely to your liking

Setting up a shoe collection with cowboy boots is an excellent idea thanks to the high demand in the industry. At Van den Breekel, we design shoe lasts by hand, giving the shoes an extremely comfortable fit, and we work with sustainable materials. Thanks to all our quality controls, you are assured of a shoe line made of the best materials without harmful substances and with the optimal production method. Our specialization is very diverse: for the first design, to the prototype and the final production you can all come to us. Your wishes and vision are central, giving you the shoe collection you dreamed of.

Your own shoe collection with Van den Breekel

Would you like to know more about setting up a collection of cowboy boots? Then feel free to contact us to learn more about the possibilities for you. Van den Breekel will gladly become your partner in setting up a trendy shoe line with leading methods and materials. Let your customers enjoy walking on shoes with your name on them for years to come!