Create a shoe collection

Are you full of creative ideas but don’t have the possibilities to realize a shoe collection yourself? Don’t let that stop you from coming up with innovative plans. Van den Breekel produces shoe collections for hard-working entrepreneurs to bring a beautiful product to the market. Are you curious how that works? Then take a look at the process here.

The beginning

The creation of a shoe collection starts at the drawing board. As an entrepreneur, you talk to us so that it becomes clear to us what your plan is, what the idea behind it is and what exactly needs to be done. After this, we can estimate what we can do for you and what the best method is for starting this project. At Van den Breekel, we believe it is important to have open communication and to keep the lines short. In this way, we strive for a pleasant collaboration and a beautiful end product.

The design

After discussing the plans we can start the process of creating a variety of designs. Together with your input, we provide appropriate designs until we arrive at the final products. In this part of the process, your goals, expectations and ideas are central and we design the perfect shoe around them.

Prototyping & sampling

Of the various designs, prototypes are made and customized. This is an essential moment in the process. Is it exactly what it should have been? Is the last form right? Are the lines right? Seeing, feeling and wearing a prototype gives you, and us, something tangible as a basis for fleshing out your final sample shoe collection. In this phase of the process we advise you to make the right choice in materials.

The production

Once the samples are approved and all parties give an agreement, we start the production of your new shoe collection. In this part of the process we work together towards an agreed deadline so that the shoe line is ready for the start of sales. During this process, we ensure our high quality by performing multiple quality checks. The end product: a beautiful shoe collection entirely according to your own idea.

Leave the production to Van den Breekel

At Van den Breekel, we are excited by creative and innovative ideas. We are committed to make your dream come true. Producing a beautiful shoe collection is what we love to do.

Are you looking for a producer for your new shoe line? From sneakers to pumps to comfortable fashionable walking shoes, Van den Breekel will help you design and produce the shoes. We ensure that the production process runs optimally. Feel free to contact us for more information or leave a question on our website. We look forward to speaking with you soon!