Designing a shoe last

Perhaps the most important part of the shoe is the last: it determines the fit. And the fit, in addition to the model, largely determines whether the shoe is comfortable. Without a good last, you can design and produce such a beautiful shoe, but if the shape and values are not right, it will be useless. When designing a good last, it is therefore essential to do this with great care and attention. At Van den Breekel we design our own shoe lasts and we know exactly what is involved.

The right shoe last for the right type of shoe

Besides the comfortable aspect, a shoe last makes an important contribution to the appearance of the shoe. For each type of shoe a different last is used to design the perfect shoe. Basically, there are 2 types of lasts:

  1. Shoes with a narrow last thanks to a pointed toe: if you go for a pointed toe, the shoe quickly gets an elegant and stylish look. This narrow last is used for example for pointed toe pumps and dress shoes;
  2. Shoes with a wide last thanks to a wide nose: a wide nose provides a lot of space in the shoe. These shoes are very comfortable. Think for example of sneakers or dressy ankle boots with a square nose.

The shoe last as a basis for the shoe

When a shoe has the wrong shape, it is because a wrong last was used. The last is therefore the basis for the production. We start at the beginning: after the design phase we proceed to making a prototype. For this we choose the right home-made shoe last, which we carefully develop according to the design and function of the shoe. In this way we ensure the perfect fit. If the shoe last perfectly matches the model of the shoe, we start production with the corresponding fit. Does it not match in its entirety? Then we ensure that we develop a shoe last with the correct shapes.

When designing the shoe last it is important that the proportions are right. In this way you get the right fit and width. This ultimately ensures a top quality shoe with the correct shape and fit, making the final product fit perfectly. So when choosing a shoe last, we look above all at the function, the shape and the model of the shoe. The perfect shoe last ensures that appearance and comfort are seamless.

Your own shoe lasts

Would you like to develop perfectly fitting shoe lasts that are tailored to your needs in order to develop your own shoe collection together with us? Then feel free to contact us. You can outsource the entire production process of the shoe collection to Van den Breekel. In addition, we like to think along with you and our experts will gladly provide you with personal advice.