Despite rising prices in the industry, there are still ample opportunities for a shoe line at Van den Breekel!

Constant changes occur in the world of shoe production. One of the most notable shifts recently has been the increase in raw material and shoe production prices. This has posed challenges for both established brands and new entrepreneurs aiming to start a successful shoe line. However, at Van den Breekel, we see these challenges as opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

The rise in raw material and production costs in Europe

It’s no secret that prices of raw materials and production have significantly increased in Europe compared to a few years ago. These price hikes impact various aspects of shoe production, including:

  1. Raw materials: The costs of leather, soles, plastics, and other essential shoe elements have risen considerably. This directly affects the overall production costs and, eventually, the consumer price.
  2. Labor costs: Labor costs in European countries are generally higher than in other parts of the world. This influences the total shoe cost.
  3. Transportation costs: Due to the increasing price of oil in Europe, transportation costs have sharply risen.

For entrepreneurs dreaming of launching a successful shoe line, the rise in production costs in Europe might seem discouraging. However, at Van den Breekel Shoes, we believe that challenges present opportunities for creativity and collaboration. We are prepared to assist entrepreneurs in producing at attractive prices and quantities, ensuring success for everyone’s shoe line.

Quality and collaboration

At Van den Breekel Shoes, we have years of experience in shoe production through our many successful partnerships with entrepreneurs launching their own shoe brands. Thanks to our expertise and established industry connections, we can help you produce cost-effectively, even in times of rising costs. We aim to offer competitive prices without compromising on excellent production quality. Whether you need a smaller run or larger quantities, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

We understand that every shoe brand is unique, and we work with you to provide tailor-made solutions. From design to production, we are ready to bring your vision to life.

Realize your own shoe line!

At Van den Breekel Shoes, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. If you’re considering establishing a shoe line and want to benefit from cost-effective production, please feel free to contact us. We thoroughly explore possibilities and offer solutions where needed. At Van den Breekel, we design and produce fantastic shoe lines for various purposes.

Choose a strong start for your shoe line with Van den Breekel!