Environmental shoes

Are you looking for possibilities to have ecological shoes made with a fair trade production and environmental friendly materials? Please contact Van den Breekel Schoenen. In cooperation, we produce an honest ecological shoe with the right fit and appearance. We are happy to design a unique collection of sustainable shoes for you.

Characteristics ecological shoes

We have been producing ecological shoes for some time now. There is an increasing demand for shoes made of metal-free, vegetable tanned or biodegradable materials. We also see more shoes being produced that are made of animal friendly vegan materials, such as artificial leather, rubber or cork. The production process of the shoe is also important for the degree of environmental friendliness. The use of toxic substances and chemicals are out of the question when it comes to the production of honest shoes. We can have unique shoes made in a responsible way. We test our production methods for various harmful substances. For an original design with animal friendly material (vegan) we can assist you as a developer of unique shoe concepts.

Environmental shoes

Environmentally friendly production

Transparency in production is not always a given when it comes to producing shoes. Because of this, there are not always many ecological shoes on the market. Nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to make the shoes in a fair way. For example, all our materials and production methods are tested for harmful substances. We look at substances such as chromium VI, Azo, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Because of this, our products are completely non-toxic. For the production of sustainable shoes, we always use production partners and suppliers that fit the concept. In this way we can guarantee an environmentally friendly production that contributes to the unique concept of ecological shoes.

Stylish and responsible

The fact that ecological shoes contribute to a better environment by not using the standard materials does not detract from the fact that these shoes can still be stylish. In fact, the production of eco-friendly shoes often results in original and unique concepts that stands out. For example, it is perfectly possible to make sneakers that fit into your shoe collection in a sustainable way. We are happy to take up the challenge with you to make a stylish shoe from materials that are free of animal products. We even extend this to the product packaging, which can be produced by us in an environmentally responsible way. This way you get a beautiful shoe that is completely environmentally friendly.

Have ecological shoes developed

Would you like to have ecological shoes manufactured in an honest and sustainable way using environmentally friendly materials? We are happy to help you with this project. You can outsource everything, from design to the logistics of the final product. Together we create a shoe that is better for the environment. Make an appointment directly to discuss your wishes or contact us for more information.