Exciting update about Bashoe Outdoor!

The moment has arrived! At bashoe.nl, everyone can now explore the entire collection of Bashoe Outdoor. Previously, in our blog, you had the chance to learn more about the beautiful, enjoyable, and promising project with the outdoor brand Bashoe. Last month, we, alongside our client Bashoe, visited the factory and production, which was delivered this past week!

In partnership with Bashoe Outdoor, we’re crafting hiking shoes that provide every wearer exactly what they need without compromising on design. Thanks to our handcrafted shoe lasts ensuring a perfect fit, a smooth stride while hiking, and the ideal balance between grip and support due to the sneaker’s height, you can confidently step into nature with style.

It’s incredibly exciting to witness the shoe line taking shape and gradually progressing towards the final result. Join us in taking a look here!


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Keep an eye on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bashoe.outdoor/ for the launch of Bashoe Outdoor!