Footwear innovation

Are you searching for a partner in the field of footwear innovation? Someone who can help you develop new, original and different footwear? Van den Breekel Schoenen has been producing innovative footwear collections for years, from sneakers to pumps, from boots to ballet shoes. For a truly innovative concept you can use our craftsmanship and market your footwear throughout Europe.

Importance of footwear innovation

Shoes are produced in all shapes and sizes and there are countless variants. Therefore, it is important to search for innovation every time. Our mission is to bring original concepts to the consumer and to keep innovating. For us, creativity is more than just a good design. We aim for completely new concepts in cooperation with our clients. We take care over the development of special projects. In the context of footwear innovation, we like to take that extra step and we are not afraid to think outside the box.

footwear innovation

New sustainable footwear

One of the aspects we take into account in our footwear innovation is sustainability. This plays an increasing role in society and therefore the demand for sustainable footwear is also growing. We encourage the use of sustainable materials for our footwear and have already developed several sustainable sneakers. Here, we are always looking for innovative concepts, such as complete environmental shoes made from animal-friendly materials. But also recycled shoes belong to the possibilities. Shoes that are made of recycled plastic or other materials that we can use for the development of our shoes. Sustainable shoes are a great part of our footwear innovation.


In order to be innovative, it is important to keep aware of all new developments in the industry. To this end, we are in close contact with our suppliers in Europe and Asia in order to always meet customer expectations. In order to create and design new special projects, we also do a lot of research ourselves at trade fairs to look for new trends. We are always up-to-date with the latest production technologies and innovative materials to produce shoes. Thanks to our research in the field of footwear innovation, we can approach our projects from an innovative perspective.

Partner in footwear innovation

Are you looking for a business associate that specializes in footwear innovation to start special projects aimed at creating unique concepts? At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we are happy to provide all there is to know about innovations in the field of footwear. Make an appointment to discuss your specific wishes or contact us for more information about all the possibilities.