Designing outdoor shoes

Starting a shoe line starts with a great idea and ends with a quality and stylish result, whether you want to start a line with stylish boots, summer sandals or sporty outdoor shoes. Still, the process can be very different from each other. When we talk about outdoor shoes, different choices are made about the materials, soles and fit of the shoes, among other things. To design a suitable, quality outdoor shoe requires extensive knowledge and experience. We have that.

What is meant by outdoor shoes?

Outdoor’ is actually a collective term for different types of hiking shoes. Each category of hiking shoe comes with its own characteristics:

– The walking & hiking shoe: here you will actually find the standard hiking shoe. Shoes that give a good settlement with maximum cushioning. These shoes are suitable for short and longer walks on relatively dry and flat terrain;

– The mountain hiking shoe: these shoes are suitable for rougher terrain. The shoes offer more ankle support and protection due to a sturdier upper material and a slightly sturdier outsole;

– The mountaineering shoe: hikers who make long, strenuous (climbing) trips in the high mountains will opt for this category. A higher model is chosen here to give the hiker enough support on tougher terrain. The sole is stiffer than that of the mountaineering shoe;

– The climbing shoe: climbing shoes are designed for the real daredevils who climb in classic mountaineering and combined terrain. These shoes have extreme grip and are necessary if you practice a more strenuous mountain sport.

The right materials

Once you are clear on which outdoor shoe line you would like to have designed, using the right materials is essential. Outdoor shoes are distinguished from the normal athletic shoe by the materials, soles and fit. The materials influence the weight, ventilating effect, wear resistance and waterproofness of the shoes.

Because of the long and (possibly) extreme hiking, the shoes are actually put under a magnifying glass. The design and materials must be right so that no defects can occur while wearing them. For example, consider mesh materials for designing an everyday hiking shoe that is suitable for light treks and mild weather conditions. These fabrics are light and breathe well, sit more smoothly on the foot and can also be made waterproof thanks to the type of lining layers. Full-grain leather, or microfiber, is a durable material that provides great support. Combine this with a waterproof construction and you have a strong start of a shoe that can handle more extreme weather conditions.

The construction of the shoes is just as important as the chosen material. For outdoor shoes, in general, the fewer layers/materials between the upper and the bottom, the better the comfort. Together with you we will determine the right construction for your own line of hiking shoes.

Do you want to have outdoor shoes designed?

As already mentioned, it takes a broad knowledge and long experience to design the perfect outdoor shoe line. The choices of materials, construction and fit must be carefully made and fully adapted to the terrain where the hiker will be. At Van den Breekel, we have that knowledge and get excited about creating a high quality outdoor footwear line. We use the best materials to create a beautiful line.

Are you thinking about an outdoor footwear line but you have no idea where to start? We would be happy to help you further. We can be reached by phone every working day for all your questions and we are happy to give you personal advice, so please contact us. Who knows, we might make an appointment to set up something beautiful together.