High quality safety shoes? We produce them!

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to realize your safety footwear line? At Van den Breekel we have the right knowledge and experience to take this off your hands. We are happy to develop safety and work shoes that are not only completely safe, but also look smart and fun. Safety shoes generally have the image of looking old-fashioned and stuffy. We believe that this does not have to be the case at all. So, together with Van den Breekel, create safety shoes that get noticed!

Working safely and neatly

We also believe it is important to look good and well-groomed while working. People who have professions that require them to wear safety shoes also have a lot of contact with customers and often work at different locations. The workwear is then the business card for the company where they work. We understand that like no other! That is why we like to think along with you. Based on your vision for the shoe line, we like to take on the challenge of creating fun and modern safety shoes for you. After designing, we make beautiful prototypes so that you, together with us, can go into production.

A shoe line that meets all requirements

Of course we do not leave out the essentials of the work shoes either. The demands on the quality of shoes are high for a reason: after all, they have to endure a lot during an average working day. It is important to use the right construction and materials in order to achieve a long-lasting safe shoe as an end result. Depending on the profession, requirements are set for the shoes and we make sure they meet these. Based on the requirements, we determine the materials to be used in order to obtain certification. Our expertise ensures that every work shoe meets the requirements at all times.

Want to produce safety shoes you can wear with confidence?

Would you like to establish a shoe line that allows hard workers to arrive at work not only safe but also fun? At Van den Breekel we actively think along with you. We specialize in making work shoes and make our own shoe lasts for the perfect fit. Make an appointment so we can discuss your plans in detail or feel free to contact us if you are curious about the various possibilities.