Shoes made of skin-unfriendly materials, containing toxic substances or made in a country that makes you feel uncomfortable. Van den Breekel Schoenen therefore offers you a sustainable solution! We help and advise in the development of vegan trainers with the right material. We produce our trainers in the Netherlands and in Europe from sustainable materials. In addition, the vegan materials we use are sturdy, so they last long and contribute to a more sustainable society. Think of wood, cork, organic cotton, recycled textiles, apple fibers etc.


While many traditional shoe brands still use animal-derived materials such as leather for their trainers, at Van den Breekel we look for good vegan alternatives. If you are looking for an innovative shoe design, this is one of the many possibilities. In this way, you can be sure that our shoes are produced in an animal-friendly way. Especially in a time when people are choosing more consciously what to wear, it is good to be able to give this assurance.


If you want to establish a shoe line with a unique design, Van den Breekel Schoenen guarantees complete transparency of materials. Unfortunately, this is not always normal in the production of shoes. Several major brands are reluctant to let you take a look inside. We attach great value to the ecological production of high-quality shoes. In order to guarantee this, we test all our materials, for example. Because we don’t want anything to do with harmful production methods. All our trainers are therefore guaranteed to be free of toxic substances.


It is a great misconception that no stylish shoes can be made with only sustainable materials. In the design process we look at the current trends and wishes of the target group. In this way, we want to be a good alternative for the ordinary shoes from big brands. This way, you give the target group a real choice. Even our product packaging is stylishly designed and produced in an environmentally responsible way and, if possible, recyclable. So it is possible to look stylish, while at the same time having made a conscious choice.


You can have these ecological trainers custom-made. As the manufacturer, we not only take care of the production of the shoes, but also the development and design. And you will be involved in every part of this process. We deliver custom-made trainers that match your sustainable ambitions. Because our designs are well thought-out and not inferior to other established brands, we develop the unique ecological sneaker together with you. You actually deliver a service and ensure that the target group has more choice from different shoes. In addition, you can profile yourself as a contemporary entrepreneur with this innovative shoe line.


Are you thinking about developing your own collection of ecological sneakers, but is doubt and lack of knowledge holding you back? At Van den Breekel Schoenen, you are involved in the design and production process from the very beginning. With certainty about the style, quality and durability, nothing stops you from offering sustainable trainers. Contact us soon for more information about our innovative shoes!