Our handmade shoe lasts

Van den Breekel is a shoe manufacturer that can completely relieve you from the beginning to the end of the process towards the production of your shoe line. We find it essential that you as a customer can launch exactly the shoe line you have in mind. As a result, we follow your wishes in style and design and complement them with our knowledge, experience and broad expertise. We believe it is essential that your shoe line is exactly to your liking and extremely popular with your target audience. To ensure that the right shoe lasts are used in your shoe collection, we at Van den Breekel develop our own shoe lasts ourselves. Only in this way is it possible to give each model of shoes the perfect shoe last!

The last as the heart of the shoe

The shoe last is one of the most crucial parts of the shoe and is composed by us with the utmost care. Without the right shoe last, the shoe can be beautiful, but thanks to a bad fit, the wearer has nothing to gain. Would you like to produce sneakers, pumps, boots or sturdy walking shoes together with Van den Breekel? Then we offer you comprehensive and professional advice on the best shoe fit. Each type of shoe naturally requires a completely different shoe last, as this determines most of the fit.

How do we develop our shoe lasts?

At Van den Breekel, we place great importance on making the shoe last, as this is an essential part of the shoe manufacturing process. In recent years we have built up an extensive collection of shoe lasts, to which we pay a lot of attention. Our own department is responsible for the development of shoe lasts, which allows us to move quickly and start the production process immediately. In cooperation with our partners, we can also produce new shoe lasts quickly. As a result, we are still able to produce different types of shoes ourselves.

To ensure that we can deliver the perfect fit, we look carefully at the type of shoe you want to develop and what type of shoe last fits it. When designing the shoe last, it is important that all the proportions are right so that the right fit and width size are achieved. This is how we ultimately arrive at a shoe of fantastic quality with the ideal fit.

Unique advantages thanks to craftsmanship

So we produce a shoe last ourselves so that we can create the perfectly fitting shoe. Thanks to a wrong last, the shoe gets the wrong shape, resulting in a poor fit. The shoe last is therefore considered the basis for a good shoe. Because we at Van den Breekel design and develop the shoe lasts ourselves, you have endless possibilities in having the perfect shoe produced. We can design and produce any model with care and attention, in any style.

Produce shoes with the perfect fit

Do you want to produce a beautiful line of shoes with the right fit? We are happy to think with you and produce a perfect shoe last for an excellent fitting shoe. For the production of any model of shoe you can contact Van den Breekel. Feel free to contact us for more information or make an appointment to discuss your needs with us. We are happy to look at how we can best help you!