Produce breathable sneakers for summer?

In summer, we want to be able to walk in shoes that properly support our feet and allow us to take nice walks without our feet overheating. An airy sneaker, made of fabrics that breathe excellently and keep the feet cool thanks to good ventilation are indispensable in everyone’s shoe collection. Would you like to create a stylish sneaker collection for summer together with an experienced shoe manufacturer who listens to your ideas and wishes? At Van den Breekel, it is possible to work closely together from the first sketch to production. Your ideas become reality thanks to our extensive expertise. An optimal sneaker line of excellent quality, completely according to your wishes, is the end result.

The right knowledge for creating the ideal summer sneaker

We go for lovely summer walks on airy shoes that properly support our feet. A wonderful footbed and breathable fabrics, enveloped in a stylish jacket is the perfect complement to almost any outfit. In summer, we prefer to avoid shoes with fabrics that do not breathe to avoid sweaty feet. To establish a sneaker line that is truly a success in summer, it is essential to produce the shoes with the right materials. At Van de Breekel, we work with a wide variety of materials. Based on your ideas for the shoe designs, we can use the ideal materials for the project.

Go in style

All the materials we use for our various fun projects are extensively checked for quality. This way we can be sure that they contain only the right substances and are free of heavy metals or substances such as Azo, chromium VI, formaldehyde. Often leather is used for summer shoes because this beautiful material ventilates well, but nowadays more and more durable breathable microfiber materials are being used. Would you prefer to focus on sustainable, ecological or even recycled materials? Then of course that is possible. We have a variety of materials in each category.

Also keep an eye on us for exciting news about developing a sustainable leather substitute. Here you can think of combining existing microfiber materials with material from residual streams such as mold, pulp and powder. A progressive project with high expectations. How exactly we are going to do that, you will hear from us soon. Van den Breekel produces high-quality shoes with the latest technologies.

Sneakers with your design

In addition to the materials, the fit and design also receive full attention and care. You can come to us with a sample package already developed, but also if you have yet to go through this stage, we are the right partner for you. We are happy to create beautiful prototypes with personally designed shoe slippers for an ultimate result. This way, consumers not only fall in love with the design of your summer sneakers, but are also surprised by the perfect fit and support.

Van den Breekel: your shoe manufacturer

Discuss your wishes in detail with Van den Breekel. We actively think along with you and together ensure that you can market a fantastic end result. Capitalize on your target group with stylish summer sneakers with breathable fabrics. Feel free to contact us for more information or make an appointment to discuss the possibilities. We would love to hear more about your creative plans!