Produce comfortable heels? It’s possible!

High heels are worn by women all over the world. Heels look elegant and business-like, and can elongate your silhouette. Although heels are a valuable addition to many outfits, more and more people are choosing a comfortable shoe (or sneaker) to avoid discomfort and pain during a long day. Too often, beautiful heels are still designed and produced, which unfortunately do not offer the wearer walking comfort. Unnecessary, we think. Do you have ambition to establish a shoe line of comfortable heels? We are the right partner for you. From the drawing board to final production, you can rely on us. The secret of comfortable heels lies in using the right materials and techniques. Here we tell you more about how we ensure that you can realize a beautiful and wonderfully comfortable line of shoes with comfortable heels.

It’s all in the materials

Traditional heel shoes are often made of hard materials such as hard plastic or wood, which do not offer much flexibility or cushioning. To create comfortable heels, modern materials are used that reduce pressure on the feet and absorb shock. Some of these materials include:

  • Advanced plastics: Flexible and resilient plastics such as (thermoplastic) polyurethane are used in heels to provide more cushioning;
  • Foam materials: Soft foam materials, such as memory foam or gel inserts, can be used to increase comfort and relieve pressure points;
  • Leather lining: High-quality leather is used for the lining of the shoe to provide a comfortable and breathable fit.
  • Microfiber: This material is used to add more comfort to the shoe while providing good abrasion resistance.

Whatever materials we proceed with, we perform various quality checks at every stage of the development and production process. In addition, we test so that you are assured of a shoe line with pure fabrics of fantastic quality.

Modern techniques for heeled shoes

In addition to the right materials, various techniques are used to make heels more comfortable. We highlight a few for you below:

  • Heel height and shape: The design of the heel can make a big difference in comfort. A wider heel offers more stability and reduces pressure on the ball of the foot. In addition, a heel with a lower height can reduce stress on the feet;
  • Shock absorption: Shoes with heels can be equipped with special cushioning technologies, such as foam or gel inserts, to absorb shock while walking and reduce the impact on joints.
  • Fit and support: A good fit is essential for comfortable heels; Techniques such as anatomically shaped insoles, adjustable straps and supportive constructions improve fit and reduce pressure points. At Van den Breekel, we produce our own shoe lasts, ensuring that each shoe has just the right fit.

We produce fashionable comfortable heels

As a shoe developer and manufacturer, we always think extensively with you. Tell us your vision or show us what you are working on so that together we can realize the ultimate end result. From the design phase to the final production, we are the right party for you. Are you curious about the possibilities and our work? Then feel free to contact us. We would love to hear all about your wishes!