Producing shoes for emerging sports

At Van den Breekel schoenen, we continuously look at developments within the footwear industry. This allows us to produce excellent shoe collections on behalf of our customers according to the latest trends. Currently, we see that various sports are becoming increasingly popular among young people, such as padel and golf. A good time to consider having sports shoes produced for these, so that you can respond to the expected upcoming demand among young people.

The emerging popularity of padel

Padel is becoming increasingly popular in The Netherlands, especially among young people. There are currently over 500 padel courts in the country and this number is expected to grow in the coming years. Padel is basically a cross between tennis and squash. Padel involves the fencing of glass and railings.¬† Each half of the game, which is separated by a net, is divided into two service fields and a back field. The game is always played with four people and the rules are very similar to those of tennis. The ball must be hit over the net and into the opponents’ box. The wall and wall may be used during the game.

More demand for padel shoes

Due to its emerging popularity, there is also an increasing demand for suitable padel shoes. Padel is a sport that involves a lot of fast movements and turns. Therefore, the right shoe and sole is necessary to prevent injuries. The soles of the shoes need a perfect grip, but at the same time it should also be easy to glide across the court to reach the ball.

Golf among young people

Golf may not seem like a typical sport for young people at first glance, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although the largest group of golfers is still somewhat older, golf is also becoming increasingly interesting among a younger target group. Golf has long ceased to be an elitist sport and golf clubs are increasingly focusing on new (young) golfers. For example, the NGF, Dutch Golf Federation, received over 80 percent more new golfers between the ages of 18 and 35 in 2020 compared to 2019. COVID-19 also contributes to the emerging popularity, you can easily keep your distance and in golf you are social with each other during an athletic challenge.

A good golf shoe offers support, stability, comfort and grip. There are golf shoes for the summer, golf shoes for the winter months but also golf shoes with spikes on which you can golf all year round. The shoe can be traditional or perhaps prefer something more sporty. For example, choose innovative studs or a midsole with return cushioning. Supple leather, imitation leather or innovative textile?

At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we are happy to create a design for your new collection that responds to the latest trends and developments. Contact us so we can discuss the possibilities for the development of your new collection.