Producing sneakers from waste is the future

When you hear about recycling waste to create new products, you may not immediately think of sneakers. After all, old, discarded waste material is hard to imagine as the basis for a stylish shoe. Yet in the sneaker world, there is a lot of focus on sustainability and the environment, as many brands have been making a commitment to the climate in recent years. Think of the use of waste and plant-based raw materials. This results in an ever-growing range of stylish shoes with minimal impact on the climate. We would like to explain further why recyclable sneakers are the solution for the future.

Environmentally friendly

The production of recyclable sneakers is first and foremost environmentally friendly. The process proceeds without excessive consumption of raw materials and energy. Polluting materials such as plastic and certain types of leather are reused or not used at all. This also continues the global ‘plastics-recycling’ trend and thus also contributes to a greater general awareness of the environment.

Cleaner Earth

Recyclable shoes keep the ground cleaner because they contain fewer non-recyclable materials than traditional shoes. The eco-friendly materials found in recyclable sneakers are good for the earth, as they can be reprocessed or because they have their origin in nature and may be biodegradable.

Long-lasting quality

People sometimes doubt whether eco-friendly sneakers are long-lasting. The answer is that they certainly do, because longevity of the material is often a criterion in sustainable products. After all, it leads to less being thrown away. If good materials are processed, they are endlessly recyclable. Upcycling (using old and worn shoes as a basis for the production of new shoes) also offers many possibilities in this respect.


You rarely pay much more for sustainable shoes than for environmentally unfriendly shoes. Protecting the environment does not always have to come at an extra cost; when you choose sustainable sneakers, your wallet doesn’t have to suffer.


Sustainable shoes offer a lot of variety in terms of shoe concepts. Sneakers and other shoe types come in many colors and designs. So everyone can choose a sustainable pair of shoes that suits their preference.

Interested in recyclable sneakers?

Are you convinced that developing recyclable sneakers has added value? Together with Van den Breekel Schoenen, you can make it happen. Contact us to discuss your wishes and the various possibilities. Who knows, maybe you will soon be able to delight your customers with a unique sustainable line of shoes.