Producing sustainable shoes

Sustainability is high on the agenda of many consumers. For years, we have been developing contemporary products in which self-awareness and responsibility for the use of materials are of paramount importance. In order to meet the wishes of your customers, sustainability in the development of your shoe concepts is a must. The production of sustainable shoes is an important step in staying ahead of the latest developments. Van den Breekel Schoenen has extensive experience in developing sustainable footwear. With our expertise, we help your brand to rise above the competition.


Producing sustainable shoes yourself is difficult if you have no previous experience. However, it is a good idea to start. It is an excellent way to distinguish yourself and you will be appreciated. You also take responsibility for the production process and help protect the environment. Van den Breekel will therefore work with you to develop a sustainable shoe that meets the needs of your customers. We work with manufacturers who produce shoes using the latest materials and techniques. This way we can always aim for the highest quality.

Smaller CO2 footprint

Without you realising it, the shoe industry is also responsible for some of the environmental pollution. For example, factories may work with materials that cannot be recycled properly or use solvents that are harmful to the environment. Van den Breekel therefore attaches great importance to sustainable production processes, in which products are recyclable and raw materials are water-based so that the impact on the environment can be kept to a minimum. For example, we test for the presence of harmful substances in all our materials. The aim is to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of shoe production.

Looking further

According to Van den Breekel, there is nothing to stop you from setting up a sustainable shoe line. A sustainable shoe can also be trendy and fit the latest trends. We design the latest cool concepts together with you, which we can produce from many different sustainable materials and in multiple colours and shapes. We look beyond what has already been done and are open to ideas from others. Together, we can produce the perfect sustainable shoe that sets the trend for your brand.

Years of experience

Are you interested in producing a sustainable shoe, but do you have no idea where to start? With Van den Breekel Schoenen as your partner, you can be sure that you are on the right track. Thanks to our years of experience with sustainable producers, we can guarantee an end result that will satisfy you and your customers. Would you like to brainstorm right now about your sustainable shoe concept? Then get in touch with our family business!