Production and development of private label shoes

Creativity is more than just good design. Together with our clients, we create whole new concepts. We are open to develop special projects. We like to take that extra step, and are not afraid to go off track. From our office in Moergestel, the Netherlands, and together with our partners in Europe and Asia, we serve clients from all over Europe. Our customers are mainly sales organisations, web and wholesale companies with different brands in their portfolio. Van den Breekel Schoenen offers a suitable solution when it comes to taking care of the development and production process of private label shoes.

Development of private label shoes

When developing a private label shoe, it is important that you choose a producer with expertise. We have been working with various business associates in Europe and Asia for many years and in this way we supply the most unique shoe collections to customers all over Europe. One of our main aspects is that we take care of the complete production process. We start with the design of the shoes, based on your wishes and the needs and expectations of your customers. After this, we produce our own shoe last and ensure the perfect fit, after which the production process of the shoes can be started. In this way, you can make use of unique private label shoes.

Private label shoes

Exclusive-made collections

Together, we will create an innovative concept that fits within your current shoe collection. We can offer you a fully customized private label shoe. The design will be drawn up in consultation with you, as well as the shoe lasts and the materials used will also be discussed with you. We stimulate the use of sustainable materials to produce shoes, but we can also realize special projects, such as recycled shoes and environmental shoes. These collections are exclusively made. Therefore, they fit your customers. This makes the private label shoes of Van den Breekel Schoenen suitable for you.


One of the great advantages of creating private label shoes is that you can fully engage with marketing and selling the shoes. You can outsource the entire production process to us in order to achieve the optimal end result. After we have made the shoes and everything is according to your wishes, we can also help you with the logistics of the private label shoes. In cooperation with our logistics partners, we take care of all your transport needs, so that the shoes will be in your shop on time. In addition, we can also take care of the graphic design of the packaging material, such as the shoe box.

Your own private label shoes

Would you like to sell private label shoes, made by a shoe developer with passion and craftsmanship? Then take a look at the possibilities of Van den Breekel Schoenen. Original concepts, quality shoes and the most innovative and sustainable end results is what you can expect at Van den Breekel Shoenen. Schedule an appointment to discuss your wishes or contact us for more information.