Prototypes: the beginning of a shoe line

At Van den Breekel, we enthusiastically focus on the production of all kinds of unique shoe lines. We like to dedicate ourselves to innovative designs in which the latest trends are central. Together with you, we come up with the most stylish designs that are realized in our workshop. It all starts with the creation of a prototype. If you are wondering how that works step by step, we would like to explain it to you here.

It starts around the drawing board

The collaboration begins with us making an appointment to design a prototype. In this meeting, we go around the table with our shoe designer and the customer to put the ideas on paper. The customer’s wishes are listed and critically examined. Is it possible? Does it work? What could improve the concept? How can we convert this idea into the optimal design? In this extensive brainstorming session, we come to decisive conclusions that will guide us throughout the process.

The most beautiful materials

Realizing a prototype starts with choosing the best materials. The wishes of the customer are taken as a guideline. Of course we pay close attention to the quality of the various materials used, such as leather, rubber and textiles. All necessary materials are thoroughly inspected and selected. Because we produce shoes for women, men and children, we work together with various partners so that we can always guarantee the best quality. We also test all materials for harmful substances. The shoe production is tested to prevent the use of substances such as Azo, chromium VI, formaldehyde or heavy metals. Thanks to our many quality checks, we achieve the best possible results.

Materials take shape

After collecting suitable materials for the shoes, the materials are cut according to the patterns to create the right design. This involves a thorough look at the placement of the parts. Does this zipper work here? How do the materials work with the layout? Once the materials are completely shaped, the top of the shoe is pressed onto the last. The last is also called the heart of the shoe: thanks to this, the shoe gets the perfect fit. We create the perfect last for each prototype so the fit is exactly what you expect.

Realizing the prototype

Next, the outsole is mounted on the upper of the shoe. The outsoles are connected to the last by means of stitching or glue. And then the moment has come: the shoe is produced! At least, the prototype. After this the shoe is tested, optimized and perfected until it is ready for the larger production. We do the perfecting together with you. Is it exactly what you envisioned? In every moment in the production there is room for your specific wishes.

A strong basis for a beautiful shoe line

You might not expect it, but designing and realizing a prototype for a shoe line is the most expensive part of the entire production. This is because of the time involved in the process. This is because in this part everything is built from scratch. Creating the sketches, designs, molds, and shoe lasts. Finding the right materials, fine-tuning the optimal production method for these materials, and perfecting it all adds up to a lot of work. Once this is done, it is possible to take over the entire process for further production. This goes a lot faster thanks to the preparatory work. The sketch is, as it were, worked out into a structure which can be passed on to the factory.

The creation of a prototype is separate from the final production. This means that it is also possible to have a prototype and sample package made by us and to use these prototypes and samples to find your own manufacturer. However, we do not often see this happen. We work with well-known partner manufacturers who can guarantee quality and quality control during production.

Your own shoe line

Are you looking for a reliable partner in the production of a prototype? Van den Breekel is happy to work on stylish, trendy or sporty shoe lines. You can outsource the complete production process of the shoe collection to Van den Breekel. Our subject matter experts will work with you from start to finish to ensure the best end result. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then take a look at our website or feel free to contact us.