Recyclable shoes

Many manufacturers see the development of recyclable shoes as an expensive process. Many of our colleagues are therefore reluctant to invest in it. Yet it is an operation that quickly pays for itself and can go very fast. At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we made the choice years ago to produce our shoes as recyclable as possible, with success. We now manufacture our shoes in a sustainable manner, from start to finish.

Recyclable materials

A lot comes down to using the right materials. Not every material is suitable for recycling. That is why we pay close attention to the materials we use when we design our shoes. For example, we are investigating whether the use of plastics leads to a shoe that can be given a new life after use as a circular product. We are also increasingly reducing the use of materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle, such as chrome-tanned leather. That does not mean that we pay less attention to quality and design. Van den Breekel Schoenen excels with recyclable shoes that are trendy to wear.


As a client, you are extensively involved in the entire development process. Together we create the shoe that fits your brand and your DNA. Through our years of experience in the business, we know how a good shoe design can last for years. We are therefore honest in stating what is possible and how we can make these possibilities fit your wishes. We can also advise you on the latest trends, because we follow them closely. With our knowledge of fashion and sustainability, together we can bring a shoe to the market that is unique and contemporary. A shoe we can be proud of.

Recycling for a second life

We focus on processing materials that get a second life after use. Not only as a shoe, because all materials can be used again in new footwear, but also as another product. The plastics in our shoes, for example, can be reused in packaging and even in homes. Fabrics can end up in a piece of clothing that you see hanging in the shop window while shopping. This is an advantage that you can reflect in your marketing communications to attract the right customer. Many of your customers find environmental friendliness an important subject, and are prepared to invest in it.

Unique recyclable shoe line

Are you curious about the recyclable shoes that we can bring to life together? Then you have come to the right place at Van den Breekel Schoenen! Talk to us about your design ideas in an initial meeting by contacting us. Before you know it, you can boast a unique line of recyclable shoes in your collection.