Recycled footwear

Would you like to explore the possibilities of recycled footwear for your company? The addition of a recycled concept can enrich your collection and respond to the needs of the consumer. Van den Breekel Schoenen has been working on these types of concepts for years and would like to explore the possibilities of innovative recycled footwear with you.

Possibilities recycled footwear

In the context of sustainability and the environment, the footwear industry is changing. In addition, since a few years more shoes are produced from recycled materials. This way you create sustainable footwear that is better for the environment. The demand for this kind of products is growing and creates new opportunities to bring innovative shoes to the customer. For example, we can make new sneakers from plastic, but also from other materials that are not actually used anymore. This creates unique shoes that add something to your collection. Other examples of this kind of concepts besides recycled shoes are sustainable sneakers and environmental shoes, made of animal friendly materials.

Recycled footwear

Design recycled footwear

If you would like to develop a new shoe using recycled material, we can design this for you. We suggest shapes of the shoe last, but also which materials and colours we can use. The design starts with an initial sketch, after which we will come up with various proposals and finally work out the technical concepts, such as the sole. After consultation, we then determine the end result and can start the production process. In this way you get top quality recycled footwear, fully adapted to the needs of your customers. Together with you we design and create innovative recycled footwear that meet your demands.

Sustainable trend: upcycling

For a long time we have been focusing on the rise of recycled footwear, which is closely linked to the demand for more sustainable production to protect the environment. One of the latest trends in which we see a great challenge is upcycling. In this process, old and worn shoes are used as a basis to produce a new shoe. This optimal form of recycling gives the possibility to be very sustainable. An entirely new product is developed from the remaining material. This way of producing is a great challenge but that does not prevent us from continuing. We believe in sustainable shoe production and will therefore produce sustainable shoe concepts, such as completely recycled shoes.

Production partners

For every project it is important to gather the right business associates. This enables us to guarantee the quality of the recycled footwear and to carry out the production process in a responsible and high-quality manner. Over the years we have worked together with various suppliers and production partners in Europe and Asia. From these experiences we can select the right partner for each concept. This way of working enables us to achieve the optimum result and you do not have to worry about outsourcing production processes. Therefore, you can focus on selling the recycled footwear. That is one of the advantages of our private label shoes.

Experience and advice

In order to make your recycled shoes project as successful as possible, we will be happy to advise you about all the possibilities. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in developing various shoe collections, from sustainable sneakers to stylish comfort shoes. With this experience, we analyse each concept of how we can best organize the process. Of course we will discuss this with you and take your wishes and needs into account, after which we will come up with advice. We also work with an extensive network of production partners in Europe and Asia, so you can have any kind of footwear made with us.

Creating recycled footwear

Would you like to have your own recycled footwear created? Use the experience and knowledge of sustainable footwear at Van den Breekel Schoenen. We are responsible for the whole process and discuss together with you about new and unique shoe concepts. This gives you a recycled shoe that takes your shoe collection to a higher level. In need of more information? Contact us or make an appointment to discuss your wishes.