Shoe design and development

In order to offer your customers the best shoes, you would of course prefer to develop them yourself. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many shoe manufacturers because they often only offer their own designs. At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we develop the design together with you. No option is too crazy for us: from the most trendy to durable shoes. Van den Breekel develops the shoe that meets all your requirements.

Ideal shoes

After extensive brainstorming sessions, our designers get to work on your ideal shoe. They sketch out a unique and original concept that meets the wishes of your customers. At any point in the process, you have the opportunity to share new ideas or other additions with us. We develop a completely new shoe that fits your concept. Our designers have knowledge of the latest trends, materials and market knowledge which they combine with you to create an original innovative shoe design.

Endless design possibilities

The options offered to you during the design process are almost endless. It is even possible to adjust the shape of the shoe. You can think of the shape of the last or the sole, so that the design meets the wishes of every customer. This way, you can count on shoes that are comfortable and valuable to your customer. The sustainability of the shoe is also central at Van den Breekel. We achieve this by working with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Here too, your vision is important. With our shoes you can tell different messages. With contemporary ideas about sustainability, comfort and fashion, as a brand you stand in the middle of society.

Developing your exclusive shoe

Once the work on the drawing board is completed, your shoe models are carefully developed. As a family business Van den Breekel has years of experience in developing and producing exclusive shoe collections. Together with our manufacturers we further develop the production methods so that they always fit your product. During this process we keep you informed of all the stages. This way, the final result will only be a positive surprise. In addition, we are happy to show you the unique ways in which we develop your custom-made shoes. For example, we can do this in a sustainable way and with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Ready for the future

Would you also like to be involved in the design and production process of your own shoe line from start to finish? Then Van den Breekel Schoenen is the perfect partner for you! With innovative ideas on how to design and develop trendy and sustainable shoes, we will work with you to create shoes that are ready for the future. Contact us soon for more information about the many possibilities!