Shoe trends 2023: what can you expect?

Even though some shoes are timeless, trends in the shoe industry move quickly. The beginning of a new season, or a new year, means the arrival of new trends. If you would like to launch a fashion footwear line, it is essential to take into account the trends of the moment. Only then can you respond to consumer needs. Are you looking for a shoe manufacturer and interested in the shoe trends of 2023? Here we briefly tell you what to expect.

This winter’s shoes and boots

The shoes and boots that will dominate in 2023 will be a bit neater and dressier. We still see chunky soles and thicker heels popping up in both short and tall boots. We see that consumers are increasingly opting for high quality shoes and boots that will last a long time. Among shoes, leather loafers are still a big trend and will be interspersed with 90s style lace-ups, also often made of leather. We will see both of these with a chunky, as well as thin and dressier soles.

Which sneakers are we going to wear?

In the world of sneakers, things are also going to change. Wearing sneakers in our leisure time has been one of the biggest trends for years. Next year, the more upscale sneakers will get a big stage. Think for example of the use of stones and the possibility to customize them. In terms of design, high sneakers are coming back and we see that sneakers in a retro style will steal our hearts. Sneakers will remain big players in the shoe industry for an incredibly long time to come.

Heels and pumps in spring

If we look at the more nether shoes for women, elegant pumps are on the rise again. Alongside this, we see kittenish and flared heels becoming a big trend, which will continue firmly into 2023. For both men and women, dressier shoes are again opting for pointed toes and generally going for a chic look.

We go for sustainable partnerships

Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge in the shoe market, we can always advise you completely on the trends of the moment. People are trend-sensitive and are inspired daily by the street scene. A shoe line that fulfills the wishes of consumers has a big edge. In addition to the design of various shoes, the use of sustainable materials has been a growing trend for years. The best use is therefore made of honest, sometimes even ecological and recycled, materials. We are great advocates of this; every day we are working on how we can make our production a little more sustainable. Also for this trend, we are the right shoe producer for you.

Your shoe producer for 2023

Would you like to establish a shoe line that responds to the upcoming trends? Then take advantage of all the benefits Van den Breekel has to offer you. Our perfected working method combined with the best materials ensure beautiful shoe lines that are warmly received. Contact us for more information, we will be happy to listen to your plans and tell you all about the possibilities.