Sneakers produced in the Netherlands

Sneakers produced in the Netherlands

The production of sneakers is best done close to home. Often the choice is made to outsource the production process to companies in low-wage countries. The main reason for this is that production costs are relatively low there. Yet we see a change in the choice behavior of shoe designers: they increasingly choose to produce in their own country. And rightly so, we think. Why? We will explain it briefly for you here.

The advantages

If you look beyond the cost aspect, you will quickly see that there are many advantages to domestic production.

Changes in the market

As a shoe manufacturer it is essential to keep up with the wishes and needs of the consumer. However, these wishes are changing rapidly. There are increasingly higher demands from consumers on, for example, delivery, quality and reliability. These changes in the market can be better accommodated with a production process in the Netherlands. Changes can be implemented more quickly because the lines are shorter, you have more insight into the production process and the delivery time to your customers in the Netherlands is shorter.

The environment

It is very simple: if you have your sneakers produced in a distant country, it is worse for the environment. The many containers that sail around the world bring a lot of emissions into the air. By keeping the production close to home you avoid many miles of transport. Consumers also attach more and more value to this.

Good working conditions

One advantage of having your sneakers produced close to home is that you can keep a close eye on the production process. Besides being able to react quickly when errors are found, there are more advantages. In the Netherlands we have clear guidelines for good working conditions. In low-wage countries, however, the situation can be very different. Poor labor conditions are something we do not want to profit from.

Rising transport costs from Asia

Even the one advantage of producing abroad is becoming questionable: it is now more expensive than ever to transport goods globally. One reason for this is ocean freight prices. Research shows that the average cost of transporting goods from China to Europe has increased by 600% in the past year. This alone threatens the ‘cheap’ factor of producing in low-wage countries.

In addition to the above benefits, there are of course other factors why it is better to leave your production to a Dutch sneaker manufacturer. When producing in low-wage countries, you run the risk of language barriers, misunderstandings due to cultural differences, and problems protecting intellectual property.

Insight into your production

At Van den Breekel we are specialized in the production of sneakers. With us, you always have full insight into the production and you can have your personal wishes implemented at any stage of the process. Curious about the options? Then take a look at our website or feel free to contact us.