Specialist in comfort shoes

At Van den Breekel, we ensure that we can always meet your needs. Our knowledge and experience in the business allows us to look beyond the design of a shoe line. By making special lasts ourselves, designing and producing anatomical footbeds and using exclusive materials, we develop high quality comfort shoes. We recently created a comfort shoe concept for one of our customers, we will tell you more about that here.

Who do we design comfort shoes for?

Developing comfort shoes is different from ‘everyday’ shoes. Actually, it is a profession in itself, where more is involved. This is because there is much more to consider in terms of materials, support, weight and flexibility. Comfort shoes were originally designed for feet that do not quite fit in the last of a standard shoe. Non-fitting shoes cause foot pain at the end of the day and can even eventually cause long-term accumulation of symptoms. Comfort shoes are designed to eliminate these problems and ensure that everyone can enjoy a well thought out footbed that really benefits your feet.

In addition to anyone who wants to go out and about in comfort for a long time, comfort shoes offer a solution for, among others:

– Diabetes patients

– Rheumatoid arthritis patients

– Patients with back problems

Comfort shoes of today

To create comfort shoes that do their job perfectly and also look fashionable, we work with suppliers with whom we develop exclusive materials. Here, of course, the wishes of the customer are the guiding principle. Maybe you think of old-fashioned shoes with an unaesthetic look when you see a comfort shoe before you. However, this is unjustified. We produce comfort shoes in various designs in which the design plays an important role. You can think of modern sneakers, neat lace-ups or colorful summer shoes. We think it is important that anyone who needs or would like to try comfort shoes has the choice of different shoes with a progressive and stylish design of their choice.

Unprecedented comfort thanks to a smart design

Comfort shoes, as mentioned above, are different in composition from dress shoes thanks to the special attention paid to material use, support, weight and flexibility. Comfort shoes take into account:

– A special running sole with excellent shock absorption and settlement;

– A removable insole for the possibility of placing podotherapeutic soles in the shoes;

– Multiple widths, from extra narrow to extra wide;

– Materials which are lightweight;

– Flexible, breathable and supportive materials.

Do you want to develop comfort shoes?

Comfort is in our DNA, so we are happy to put our knowledge into creating your new comfort shoe concept. Would you like to have a comfort shoe, or shoe line, developed and would you like to be assured of the right design, both on the inside and outside? We will gladly help you. We are available every working day by phone for all your questions, feel free to contact us. You can confidently leave the realization of reliable comfort shoes to Van den Breekel.