Is it your dream to start a sustainable shoe brand?

As a shoe developer and manufacturer, we are passionate about creating high-quality shoe lines that are not only known for their high comfort, but also meet the needs of our planet. The footwear industry is changing. Core values are shifting and we are becoming more conscious about the impact production has on the environment. At a time when sustainability is key, starting your own sustainable footwear brand is a great way to make a positive impact. Do you want to realize your vision and commit to creating a sustainable shoe brand?

High demand for sustainable shoe brands

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but an essential value for many consumers. People are increasingly aware of the impact of their purchases on the environment. By establishing a sustainable shoe brand, you respond to this growing demand for eco-friendly products. You can make a difference by developing shoes manufactured using sustainable materials and production processes that minimize the ecological footprint.

How do we produce sustainable shoes?

At van den Breekel, we produce shoe lines from sustainable, as well as ecological and recycled materials. Which materials are most appropriate depends on your vision for your shoe brand and which are most suitable for the fit of the shoe in question. Not only is sustainability in the materials, during the entire process we are working on finding the most sustainable way of development and production. We work with honest raw materials, produce your shoe line close to home and make shoes that are suitable for long-term use.

Honest fabrics

We carry out precise quality controls during every stage of the development and production process. In addition, we conduct extensive tests to detect harmful substances. This is because when producing our shoes, it is important that we do not use toxic substances. This is because these substances would enter our natural waters and could have harmful effects on various organisms. In addition, we strive not to use excess water during the production process so that we minimize our carbon footprint. In this way, we can assure you of a line of shoes consisting of pure materials of excellent quality.

Your own sustainable shoe brand

We have a wide selection of materials that we can use to create modern and stylish shoe lines to help you gain a foothold in the emerging market. Are you looking for a production partner for sustainable shoes? We would love to hear all about your plans. Contact us to get acquainted or to hear more about the possibilities and our methods. Who knows, together we might soon create a beautiful sustainable shoe line.