Starting a shoe line for barefoot walking and running

Barefoot hiking and running is something we are seeing more and more often. Although the name of this form of sport suggests otherwise, it is essential to wear the right shoes while performing this sport. Developing these barefoot shoes requires specific expertise beyond the creation of “running” shoes. At Van den Breekel, we possess that knowledge. Therefore, you can turn to us to start a barefoot shoe line that will provide wearers with exactly the support and comfort they need to enjoy this sport.

Barefoot running for improving health

Barefoot walking or running provides exercise to muscles that you normally leave out thanks to other shoes. Because these muscles are strengthened, the chance of injury is reduced. Also, this form of walking or running stimulates blood circulation in the foot, which in turn is incredibly good for a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. And do you often suffer from cold feet? Then that too may be a thing of the past!

A natural shape for optimal movement

Because of its many health benefits, this form of walking and running has grown tremendously in popularity and there is a great demand for quality barefoot shoes that gives the feet exactly what they need. Barefoot shoes are shaped like a natural foot. The toes can move separately from each other because, like a normal shoe, they are not connected to each other. This gives the feet exactly the space they need to move how they would without shoes. This is the only way the wearer gets the benefits of barefoot running while still protecting the feet while walking or running.

A perfectly developed barefoot shoe line

Would you like to start a barefoot shoe line? A barefoot shoe line should ensure that the feet remain undamaged while walking and running, but do not receive the support they are used to from normal walking or running shoes. So it should feel to wearers as if they are walking barefoot, to still activate the right muscles and enjoy the many health benefits. The goal: to be as close to barefoot running as possible. We design barefoot shoes designed to allow the natural movement of the foot and maximum sensation for the sensory feedback system. Choosing the right materials and developing the perfect fit is essential for a great end result.

Barefoot walking and running with your shoe line!

You can contact us to design and develop your new barefoot shoe line. Together we think about the right interpretation of the collection, so that the final product is exactly what you had in mind. The production is done with honest materials that last for a long time for a durable result. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us for more information. We like to think extensively with you about the interpretation of your barefoot shoe line!