Starting your own shoe brand?

If you, as a (starting) entrepreneur, want to start your own shoe brand, we at Van den Breekel can only applaud that. A lot of things are changing in the shoe world, which makes it excellent for you to join one of the many new trends. When setting up a shoe brand, however, there are some crucial things you need to think about. To make your shoe brand a success, it is important to include the steps below in your process:

1.            Choose a target market

To determine what shoe lines will suit your new shoe brand, it is essential to create a defined target audience. Your shoe brand should actually be a solution to a problem in the shoe industry for this target audience. What is this industry missing? This can range from, for example, affordable shoes with a suitable fit, luxury fashion shoes made of vegan materials, waterproof and fashionable hiking shoes of excellent quality at an affordable price, to shoes or sneakers with a unique design. Who will you approach with your new shoe brand?

2.            What is your brand identity?

A brand identity is important to stand out to your chosen target audience. What do you stand for? Why should your customers choose you? The message you convey with this can make customers choose you, or perhaps not. It is therefore essential to clearly communicate your brand identity to your target audience. What is your vision and mission?

3.            Create an attractive corporate identity

To convey this identity, it is important to create a matching, attractive and eye-catching corporate identity. A brand name that sticks, a logo that stands out and is suitable for use in various places (perhaps on your shoes themselves?), a clear website with a lot of unity and social media channels on which this corporate identity is translated to the right target group.

4.            Develop a collection with an excellent shoe manufacturer

Is your brand standing like a house? Then discuss your requirements for your shoe brand with the right shoe producer. It is important to know whether this producer can meet your requirements, whether it has the right creativity and resourcefulness, whether the prices are up your alley, whether the delivery times fit the timing of your project and whether the production capacity is large enough.

Van den Breekel relieves you throughout the project: from the initial design, to the sample package and final production. We can take everything off your hands and have already created many fashion shoes with a perfect fit with our handmade shoe lasts. Among other things, we specialize in designing and producing sneakers, luxury women’s and men’s shoes, various athletic shoes, outdoor shoes and comfort shoes. We have an exceptional interest in sustainable materials and therefore continue to research the development of the best leather substitutes. Your shoe lines are produced at Van den Breekel using the latest techniques.

5.            Make sure you have the right points of sale

Do you have a beautiful shoe line that is ready for sale? Then it is important to know where your target group is located. This is because you need to make sure that this is where they can find your shoes. This could be from your website, through social media or from different stores, for example.

Your new shoe brand on the market thanks to Van den Breekel

Do you want to set up a well-run, progressive shoe line and are you looking for a producer who can not only take care of you during the entire project but who goes for close cooperation with open communication? Thanks to our years of experience, we know the shoe world inside and out. Feel free to contact us for more information about our work or for valuable advice. We are happy to think with you in realizing your shoe collection.