Sustainable business: also in the shoe industry

Sustainable business is becoming increasingly popular. Many entrepreneurs have realized that making their production, working methods or office more sustainable is a good step forward. But what exactly is sustainable business? And how can we, as a shoe manufacturer, respond to this? By sustainable business practice we mean that a company is aware that it is responsible for pollution and takes action to minimize it. How does Van den Breekel do that?

The use of sustainable materials

The production of shoes is a long process. Many steps are taken from the drawing board to the end result of a shoe line. In order to tackle this as sustainably as possible, we too have made many changes. We as a shoe manufacturer have the expertise to advise our customers on the materials used for a shoe line. After all, a sustainable shoe starts at the core: the materials.

Van den Breekel has been studying ecological shoes made of metal-free, vegetable-tanned or even biodegradable materials for some time now. We can also produce completely recyclable shoes. For example, we can produce a complete shoe from waste that has already had a life and from which new usable material is made. We are always looking for the most sustainable materials, with the smallest ecological footprint.

Together with our partners we ensure sustainable production

Not only sustainable materials make a shoe ‘truly sustainable’. We also focus on sustainable shoe production. Almost all of our production takes place in Europe. Because we produce close to home, we shorten the distance the many products have to travel and thus reduce C02 emissions. We explicitly work together with partners who value good working conditions and are used to working with sustainable materials. In addition, together with our partners, we constantly monitor the processes to ensure that we can process waste streams in an increasingly sustainable manner. Van den Breekel is committed to producing shoes in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

An increasing demand for sustainable business practices

We have been noticing it in the Netherlands for years and it is now on the rise in Germany as well: the demand for sustainable business is skyrocketing. Consumers are increasingly making conscious choices and are closely involved in reducing their own ecological footprint. By producing a sustainable shoe line, you are responding well to the needs of consumers and you may even be a leader in this new movement in the market.

Van den Breekel thinks along with you about the future

Are you interested in producing a sustainable shoe line? At Van den Breekel, we are experts in the field of sustainable business. Together with our partners, we set to work to provide you with a sustainable end result that will conquer the market. Do you still have questions about our methods or your options? Make an appointment to discuss your plans or contact us so we can provide you with professional advice.