Sustainable shoes: a good choice for young people

As you know, sustainability and the environment are themes that are very much alive these days. This is especially true for young people, because their generation holds the future in its hands. Many of them are constantly aware of the impact of pollution and CO2 emissions, and therefore often take action to reduce these harmful processes. This goes hand in hand with the emergence of more and more sustainable products and services. For example, more and more sustainable shoes are being produced.

Target group for sustainability

However, there is still the idea that sustainable products are only meant for a small target group. Such products still have an ‘alternative’ image according to some. Despite the growing awareness, most people (except for the occasional waste separation) still live in the old pattern. Only a small part of the population is fully vegetarian or vegan, for example, or pays attention to a sustainable origin when buying all their products (e.g. through recycling). Not everyone thinks of sustainable when they are mainly looking for something stylish.

Stylish and sustainable go well together

With sustainable shoes, you would be less likely to ‘belong’, while that is especially important for young people. But nothing is less true. Environmentally responsible production can by itself create concepts that are innovative and at the same time appeal to a wide audience. This is reflected in the increasing number of brands coming out with beautiful, sustainable sneakers. Plus, they are often quite affordable as well. So sustainable shoes are simply a smooth and stylish option for young people, without an extremely expensive price tag.

Want to have sustainable sneakers produced?

At Van den Breekel Schoenen we design and produce stylish sustainable sneakers for everyone. Does it appeal to you to add sustainable shoes to your assortment? We would be happy to help you. Please contact us for more information or make an appointment directly to discuss the possibilities.