Sustainability is a concept that is inextricably linked to the new shoe market. Not surprisingly, of all the clothes one buys, shoes remain in use perhaps the longest. Shoes say a lot about the person who wears them. Today we want products that are produced in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment and nature. So do shoes. But what actually makes a sustainable shoe? Below we highlight four steps that eventually merge into a beautiful sustainable shoe.


Each product begins with the raw materials. In short: raw materials are sustainable when they have no negative impact on people, the environment and nature. When we talk about shoes, the raw materials used vary greatly. In this case that gives us options, so there are also many sustainable choices among them. The extraction of the raw materials plays an important role in this. Are the fabrics used organic? Are they fully biodegradable? Did the cows used for the rags of leather eat organic food? Raw materials that have a small climate footprint, such as organic cotton or hemp, are good choices for a sustainable shoe.

When producing the shoes, it is important not to use toxic substances. This is because these substances are disposed of again and end up in our natural water, which can have a negative impact on various organisms. In addition, it is important not to use excess water in production. In this way we keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.


The production of sustainable shoes involves more than just the origin of the raw materials. It is important that the production is also sustainable. Produce a sustainable shoe preferably as close to home as possible. This makes a huge difference in transportation. You also exclude poor working conditions by producing it, in our case, in the Netherlands and Europe. Low-wage countries are very popular in the shoe industry because the production here is much cheaper. Against one’s better judgment, the choice is often made to outsource production and thus to throw sustainability overboard. With local production, the client can better observe the process and the lines are shorter. This makes it transparent how the production is carried out and you are assured of a sustainable shoe.


Durable is also known as: ‘the long-term use of a product’. It is important that a durable shoe can last a long time and is not ready for the trash after a few months. In this way, more is gotten out of the production of the shoe and there is no additional waste after a short time.


To get the most out of a sustainable shoe, it would be allowed to end up in the bio bin after use, after which it would be broken down by nature. In this way, the circle would be complete. To come close, we look at recyclable materials that we can use for the production of sustainable shoes. Recycling can also be done in a different way. Are you tired of a pair of shoes but they are not ready for the dirt yet? Then take the pair to a recycling center nearby so they can get a second life. This way we get the most out of the shoe and go against a throwaway society.


Sustainable shoes are increasingly in the taste of the general public and that is not for nothing. In terms of materials, we have enough choice to create a modern, stylish line so that you too can have a place in the emerging market. Are you looking for a production site for sustainable shoes? We would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us for more information, we are ready to answer all your questions and maybe even start a lasting cooperation.