Sustainable sneakers

Would you like to expand your range with sustainable sneakers to meet the ever-growing demand for sustainable products? We are happy to add a sustainable variant to your shoe collection. Thanks to our experience in producing sustainable shoes, we would like to create a sneaker with the lowest possible CO2 footprint together with you.

Sustainable production sneakers

As a company nowadays, it speaks for itself to focus on sustainability. At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we work as much as possible since the beginning on how we can contribute to this. This led to a sustainable production of our shoes, including sustainable sneakers. For example, our production methods and materials are already tested for harmful substances such as Azo, chromium VI, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other forbidden materials.

Sustainable sneakers

Exclusive designs

The sustainable production of shoes such as sneakers is no obstacle for us to produce cool new concepts. It is our mission to always develop original and unique concepts for shoes. We have already designed environmental shoes from animal friendly (vegan) materials and we create recycled shoes from surplus products. The combination of creating new shoe lasts ourselves and always being up to date with trends gives us the opportunity to create the most exclusive designs for sustainable sneakers.


One of the examples of sustainable sneakers is the production of recycled shoes. This type of shoe is made from waste, which is then re-used for production. We can also look at the production of sneakers made of ecological material together with you. Examples are shoes made from pineapple leather, rubber, cork, coffee fibres, cotton or other vegan materials. Another possibility is to process materials made from old PET bottles. There are many ways to create a durable sustainable shoe. All these types of shoes can be made and designed at Van den Breekel Schoenen. We are happy to help you realise an environmentally responsible product. From the use of special materials to a complete sustainable production process.

Reliable partners and collaborations

For a sustainable project focused on stylish but environmentally responsible shoes it is important that you work with the right production partners. That is why you can outsource the purchasing and selection of suppliers. We have been working with various suppliers for years. So we know exactly what we need to look for in order to achieve a successful product. Therefore we, look for the right production partners and suppliers for each concept. Ofcourse this is depending on the product you want to make.

But, to get the best result, cooperation with customers is also very important to us. We always work on the basis of close contact and regularly discuss the progress of the production process. Trust combined with creativity and innovation is really important. Not only for the selection of our suppliers, but also the cooperation with the customer. We set common goals and thanks to clear communication and accuracy, we make every project a success.

Have your sustainable sneakers produced

Do you want to make a difference by creating sustainable sneakers? At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we are happy to help you develop an environmentally friendly product. From design to choice of material and from supplier to product, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make a successful sustainable sneaker. For more information you can always contact us or make an appointment directly to see how we can help you further.