The charm of an Italian shoe design

Italian shoes are known as some of the best footwear in the world. Design from Italy is recognizable and appears in all facets of everyday life, not just in the shoe industry. Italy is known as a perfectionist, stylish and romantic country where the leading designs come from. In addition, Italians like to use materials of excellent quality for the products they make. The sense of style and quality combine to create a perfect match for producing shoes. Thanks to our partners in Italy, Van den Breekel can provide you with a line of shoes equipped with all the benefits of Italian shoes.

The origins of high-end Italian shoe design

Italy has a centuries-old tradition of handmade shoes, and throughout the country people work to make quality shoes. Some specialize in neater styles and others in fashionable sneakers; each area has its own specialization. Because this is so deeply ingrained in the culture, many Italians have a broad knowledge of shoe making. The extensive knowledge of materials and especially the meticulous finishing of the shoes ensures a stylish design.

Exceptionally refined working method

Because most shoes are made of top-quality Italian leather, they are especially known for their beautiful appearance. We ensure that the often-refined shape is perfectly paired with the essential dimensions a good shoe needs. Because we develop the shoe lasts ourselves, you are assured of the best fit for your shoe collection. In addition, the level of finishing of our Italian shoe producers is high; some types of finishes require different ways of patination and dyeing before they are allowed to go through to final inspection, and thus ultimately to the customer. All for the best end result.

We work with the best shoe manufacturers

Many important innovations in the shoe industry are made by Italians. Local access to the best raw materials made it possible to develop new designs and ideas using these fine materials. At Van den Breekel, we have years of experience in designing, shaping and producing shoes of high quality. We work with the best and make shoe lasts entirely by hand to ensure the best possible fit. Together with our Italian partners, we are always looking for the best materials in order to create beautiful, durable and high-quality shoe lines.

Knock on Van den Breekel’s door for Italian quality

Would you like to set up a shoe line with Italian allure and quality, but with all the advantages of a Dutch partner? Van den Breekel has years of experience in producing shoes with the finest materials and best practices. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation appointment. We will be happy to tell you more about what we can do for you and why we are the choice for you. Work with us to create your stylish, comfortable and durable line of shoes.