The shoe factory for summer shoes

The summer has begun! When temperatures rise, we prefer to reach for our sandals and flip-flops right away. Much of our body heat escapes from our feet. So airy shoes are great. When developing summer shoes, it is therefore essential to consider the question: how do feet stay pleasantly cool? Read more about how we do that here.

Various possibilities

There are endless possibilities when designing a summer shoe line. In the summer we prefer to use different shoes for each occasion. For example, for a day at the beach we grab flip-flops for convenience, if we go out on the town for an afternoon we choose comfortable sandals or espadrilles and in the evening when it cools down a bit we might go for a dressy sandal or a pair of light sneakers with breathable materials. Whatever footwear line you see before you, Van den Breekel will be happy to help you with it. Our knowledge, experience and permanent partners in production together ensure that your shoe line is guaranteed to meet the right requirements.

What is essential for wonderful summer shoes?

At Van den Breekel we realize your new shoe or slipper collection based on your requirements. What did you have in mind? Have you already made designs or will we take that off your hands? From the beginning we actively think with you and ensure that your wishes are melted down into a fantastic final result. When it comes to summer shoes, we put the emphasis on the materials. The materials used must be able to ventilate well. Moisture and air must be able to pass through well to ensure that the shoes remain comfortable. The materials used should be soft and flexible and suitable for bare feet.

Manufacturing summer shoes at Van den Breekel

The process starts at the drawing board and ends at production and quality control. To have enough time for possible trial and error, it is important to start designing on time. Once the prototypes and samples are realized, it’s a matter of producing. Would you like to have shoes produced for next summer? Then feel free to contact us. You can also contact us for personal and professional advice, we like to think actively with you.