Time for slippers! We create delightful house shoes

Slippers and house shoes are more than just footwear to keep your feet warm. They are a symbol of comfort, relaxation, and personal style. At Van den Breekel, we understand that designing and manufacturing the perfect slippers and house shoes is more than just providing warm footwear for your feet. We would like to tell you more about what is involved when you would like to design, develop, and produce a house shoe line with Van den Breekel.

The design starts with your idea

The process begins with your own unique idea – a vision of the perfect slipper or house shoe. This idea is turned into a detailed design. We consider the style, material, color, and other details that will make the shoe unique. Whether you are looking for classic knitted slippers or modern suede house shoes, we are ready to bring your vision to life.

Fit and comfort

One of the most crucial aspects of slippers and house shoes is the fit. These shoes should feel like a hug for your feet, so we pay special attention to sizing and the design of the insole. Extra cushioning and support ensure that you feel comfortable all day while walking around your house. We design a perfect last to ensure that the house shoes have an ideal fit.

Choice of materials

The choice of materials is essential when designing slippers and house shoes. Comfort and warmth are of the utmost importance, so we carefully select materials that are warm, cozy, and durable. Think of genuine lambswool, suede, and comfortable footbeds. For house shoes, we often use soft soles with ample cushioning and grip. This provides the wearer with high comfort on smooth floors. Selecting high-quality materials is a must to ensure that the slippers or house shoes last a long time.

Style and details

We believe that comfort and style can go hand in hand with every type of shoe. Therefore, we also pay a lot of attention to the details of shoes. Your desires for the shoe line are at the forefront: we design the slippers or house shoe with a personal and unique touch. Whether you prefer simple, minimalist designs or striking, colorful styles, we effortlessly work with every style. Once all the details are incorporated, and you are ecstatic with the designs, we proceed to create prototypes. Based on the sample package that emerges from this, we can move towards production.

Our production process

At Van den Breekel, we have years of experience in designing and developing various types of shoes, and we ensure that each pair is produced with care and attention. In this part of the process, we work together towards an agreed-upon deadline so that the shoe line is ready for the start of sales. Before your slippers or house shoes leave our factory, they undergo thorough quality checks to ensure the excellent quality of your new shoe line.

Producing a house shoe line?

Dreaming of your own house shoe line? At Van den Breekel, we specialize in producing slippers and other house shoes. With us, you always have full visibility of the production process, and you can incorporate your personal preferences at every stage of the process. Curious about the options? Take a look at our website or feel free to contact us for more information! Together, we will make your shoe line a reality.