Sustainable shoes

Would you like to have sustainable quality shoes produced, which are made of environment friendly materials? Then we would like to discuss with you all the innovative concepts for a shoe that is made of environmentally friendly materials. At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we would like to see whether we can help you with all the possibilities in the field of sustainable shoes.

Development of sustainable shoes

There is an increasing need for sustainability in the world and this also applies to the production of shoes. For both production methods and the end product, more and more attention is being paid to sustainability. We encourage this and have been developing sustainable shoes for years. years. In doing so, we try to take into account the (re)use of special materials when designing or we look at certain sustainable production techniques when making the shoes. In this way we try to develop durable shoes, from tough sneaker to comfortable healthy shoes and from sturdy children's shoes to stylish comfort shoes.


Trends and techniques

For some time now, we have been seeing a growing demand for environmental shoes made of metal-free, vegetable-tanned or even biodegradable materials. The rise of 'sustainable sneakers', but also the introduction of recycled shoes are growing in demand. In order to meet these specific wishes as well as possible, we try to keep aware of the latest trends and developments in various ways. For example, we conduct research at trade fairs and regularly visit suppliers, also to search for new sustainable production techniques. For the sustainable production of shoes we always test our methods for harmful substances, such as chromium, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Everything for a fair production of sustainable comfort footwear.

Sustainable partnerships

For the production of shoes, we are always searching for partnerships in the field of sustainability with various local partners. We have various collaborations to promote the sustainability of our production processes. In doing so, we constantly keep a close eye on the processes in order, for example, to process substances and waste flows in a sustainable manner. In this way we try to improve our ecological footprint in a responsible manner. We do this both with our local partners and with our partners abroad. With the help of our collaborations, we want to be able to produce sustainable shoes in an environmentally responsible way.

Producing sustainable shoes

Would you like to have sustainable shoes, made with honest materials in an environmentally responsible way? Then use the knowledge and experience of Van den Breekel Schoenen. Together with our partners, we are happy to take up the challenge of developing a sustainable shoe that is well positioned in the local or global economy. Make an appointment to discuss your plans or contact us for more information.