Van den Breekel Schoenen launches your shoe collection

At Van den Breekel Schoenen, we think the careful production of shoes is very important. That is why we develop a new sustainable shoe collection for our clients every season. In our own style and with a suitable design for every foot, we present a distinctive custom-made line. All shoes in these collections are produced sustainably, for example by choosing the materials used very carefully.

Launching the seasonal collection

Because it is important to present a new shoe collection to your customers every season, we offer you the opportunity to launch a collection together with us. By opting for a tailor-made collection, the shoes meet your needs and you are assured of high quality. Van den Breekel Schoenen offers you a service that a large shoe manufacturer often cannot: a guaranteed sustainable production process, combined with a user-friendly and stylish design.

Original design

Your new shoe collection always starts with an idea. This idea can be very broad. You may already have a good idea of what the shoe should look like and who should be able to wear it. The experienced designers at Van den Breekel Schoenen sit down at the drawing table with that idea in mind. There, they work with you on an original concept, just as you imagined it. For us, originality is not just about a unique design with style: a shoe collection can also be tailored to runners or users with diseases such as diabetes.


Together with our professional team, we then choose the right materials and shapes. Based on our knowledge, we suggest new last shapes, colours and durable materials. We always take into account the latest trends, so that you attract as much attention as possible with the new collection. We guarantee that the shoe is contemporary by regularly visiting trade fairs or asking our manufacturers about innovative production technologies. This way, a unique, appropriate and sustainable shoe collection eventually rolls off the conveyor belt. Ready to be sold to your customers.

Unique collection

By involving you in every step of the creation process, we create a shoe collection that suits you and your customers. This way, you bring a collection to the market that is unique and contributes to a better world. With extra attention to sustainability and ease of use for your customers, we proudly present a new collection every season. Together with you. Would you like to share your creative ideas with us? Then get in touch with our designers quickly, and help us think about the perfect shoe!