Vegan sneakers are on the rise. More and more people are consciously choosing a sustainable, vegan sneaker. These conscious choices are made more each year, especially among young people, because we realize more and more that we have to walk around on this earth for a while. Therefore, our choice increasingly falls on alternatives of animal materials. Of course, these sneakers have existed for a long time, but since a few years we see more and more that animal materials are deliberately exchanged for vegan substitutes.


Vegan shoes are a great addition to a vegan lifestyle. Vegans often do not eat, drink and wear clothing and shoes that have involved animals in the process. In addition to animal welfare, the negative impact on our climate is a big driver for choosing this lifestyle. Animal products are therefore replaced by appropriate alternatives. Leather and suede are exchanged for synthetic materials and sheepskins are replaced by, for example, organic cotton. Consequently, many shoe brands have released vegan editions of their original leather shoes for the versatility for vegans in their range.


In addition to the animal-friendliness of the shoe, we count other practical benefits to the vegan varieties:

– Vegan shoes are generally easier to maintain. Faux leather does not dry out and needs to be treated less often. Cotton is washable and you can also easily wipe it off with a wet cloth;

– Animal materials such as leather and suede are often more expensive than their synthetic variants. If you go for a vegan sneaker, you will be cheaper at the same time;

– Synthetic leather is stiffer than animal leather. As a result, creases are less likely to appear in the shoes;

– Vegan shoes are often the ultimate in sustainable footwear. Choose organic cotton, for example, and reduce your climate footprint with this purchase.


With more and more consumers opting for sustainable and/or vegan options, it’s time to dig in. Van den Breekel offers several options of vegan materials and trendy models so that you can fully respond to the new market. We are transparent throughout the process and take care of it from the drawing board to the final product. Are you interested in developing a vegan shoe line? Take on the project with us! We are available daily for questions and comments by phone and email so feel free to contact us for more information. Who knows, together we may soon create a beautiful vegan shoe line.