Warm shoes for winter? It’s all about the right materials!

The warm days of the year are behind us; we’re once again looking forward to autumn and winter! This transition of seasons brings significant changes in everyone’s shopping behavior each year. For shoe enthusiasts, these seasons offer an excellent opportunity to wear warm, stylish, and sustainable footwear that perfectly matches the season’s atmosphere. But what makes autumn and winter shoe lines designed and/or produced by Van den Breekel so special? The answer lies in the materials.

The right protection against cold and wet weather

Autumn and winter often bring rain, snow, and mud. Therefore, it’s essential to have shoes that can withstand moisture. At Van den Breekel, we create shoe lines with robust materials designed to endure these conditions.

Tex membranes are high-quality membranes used to make shoes waterproof and breathable. This material keeps water out while allowing moisture to escape from the inside, ensuring comfortable and dry feet.

Nubuck and suede: These classic materials are commonly seen in winter footwear. Nubuck and suede remain attractive for a long time, providing a luxurious feel while keeping feet warm. These materials can be treated with waterproof sprays to make them water-resistant, preserving their natural appearance and making them ideal for stylish, waterproof shoes.

Rubber: Rubber soles and edges offer excellent protection against moisture and are perfect for winter conditions. They prevent water from entering the shoe, allowing the wearer to enjoy worry-free long walks in inclement weather.

Suitable sustainable materials for winter

You may already know that at Van den Breekel, we are actively committed to sustainability in both materials and production. We continue to search for fantastic replacements for the materials we’ve been using for years, contributing to environmental improvement. There are various eco-friendly materials that can be used to manufacture autumn and winter footwear:

Recycled PET: Shoes made from recycled plastic (PET) are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. They reduce the demand for new plastic and help reduce plastic pollution.

Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. It’s a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton.

Wool: Wool is naturally warm, insulating, and durable. Shoes lined with wool provide warmth and comfort in cold temperatures and have a long lifespan.

Bringing together warmth, water resistance, and durability

Some of the best autumn and winter shoes combine waterproof properties with warmth and durability. For example, shoes with a membrane can be combined with a wool or recycled PET lining to provide warmth and protection against the elements while also being environmentally friendly.

At Van den Breekel, we understand the value of these materials and their role in creating high-quality autumn and winter footwear. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and offer shoe lines that are both functional and environmentally friendly. With our expertise in materials and design, we aim to produce shoes that not only complement the autumn and winter style but also align with your vision. Curious about design and production possibilities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We will bring your shoe line to life based on your preferences!