Waterproof shoe line: essential in autumn

Now that it is autumn, we notice that we are more and more often surprised with a spontaneous rain shower. Consequently, some of our shoes are better left in the closet. Because: soggy feet? I’d rather not. Waterproof shoes are indispensable in every autumn collection. Of course you do not immediately have to think of rain boots. Van den Breekel designs and produces waterproof sneakers, booties or even snowboots so that practical shoes can also be fashionable. Are you interested in setting up a waterproof shoe line?

The right knowledge for the best results

Producing waterproof shoes requires the necessary knowledge and experience. It is essential to choose the right materials, stitch or glue and produce the shoe the right way. Each type of shoe requires a different technique and method to make and keep it as waterproof as possible. This way the consumer gets a stylish and waterproof shoe that they can enjoy for a long time. At Van den Breekel, shoes have been in the family for generations. Because of this, we know exactly what is involved in creating a line of waterproof shoes.

Not only practical, but fashionable as well

Do you have a vision that you would like to elaborate on paper? We are happy to think along with you. At this time of year there is a huge demand for practical, warm and waterproof shoes that also look really nice. You are very welcome to share your ideas with us. You can come to us for the whole process: from the drawing board to production. We design a complete shoe line according to your wishes, provide prototypes and a neat sample package, meticulously test all the materials used and have the shoe line produced by our sustainable and reliable partners in Europe.

We think along with you

At Van den Breekel, we get excited about large and small projects. You can come to us for any challenge. We also like to look at new possibilities in producing shoes with sustainable, ecological or even recycled materials: because this is what a waterproof shoe can also be made of! Discuss your personal wishes with us so we can see what the possibilities are.

Setting up your shoe line with Van den Breekel

Would you like to set up a waterproof shoe line? Then choose a party that has the time to think with you and guide you through the whole process. Van den Breekel is happy to commit to great projects. Feel free to contact us for more information, we would be happy to tell you more about what we could achieve together. Maybe even a waterproof shoe line!