We develop sneakers with the latest technology!

The world of sneaker manufacturing moves very fast. The latest technologies are quickly overtaken by new techniques and trends making it essential to keep up and move with the flow. When a leading sneaker brand introduces a new technology, it is often an instant success. New technologies not only affect the comfort of the sneakers, but also do a lot for the image and design of the shoe. Consumers choose consciously and are not left behind. Continuing to research ensures innovation and thus progress in the sneaker industry. Would you like to produce a sneaker line that puts you at the forefront of the latest technologies? This is possible with Van den Breekel as your designer and production partner.

With sneakers we cannot stand still

Many trends in terms of innovation around sneakers come from the sports world. Here, constant improvement in comfort and fit is needed to bring out the best in people while practicing sports. Although most trends start here, they soon blow over to the fashion world. We see more and more sneakers with advanced technologies such as suspension systems, shock absorbers or airbags. In addition, more and more manufacturers are developing new technologies to create more environmentally friendly sneakers. Not only are we moving forward in terms of comfort: better thought is being given to the ecological footprint we leave behind.

Your partner in creating sneakers

Because we continue to develop as well as research the latest technologies, you can turn to us to design and produce your own innovative sneaker line. Whether you want to focus on the sustainability, comfort, perfect fit or design of the sneaker: together we can create a beautiful sneaker line with the latest technologies. Discuss your requirements with us so we can unleash our creativity and knowledge to develop an impressive concept. In this process, your vision is central and we make sure that your idea gets clearly on paper; and eventually, of course, in the store!

Together we think about the future

Are you curious about our ideas or would you like to share your vision with us? Then we would love to get around the table with you! At Van den Breekel we get excited about developing leading sneaker models and would love to help you design the perfect sneaker line. Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities or a no-obligation introduction. We are your partner in developing sneakers with the latest technologies.