Who designs shoes in the Netherlands?

We are committed to the development of original and progressive shoe concepts. We get excited by creative requests work and them out in detail from start to finish. The beginning of a shoe line is the design. The first sketch grows into a true building instruction for the prototype and the final samples. With these samples you can have the shoe line produced. Imagine: you have a good idea, but not the knowledge or experience to work it out into a flawless design. Then you can come to Van den Breekel.

We have been designing the most beautiful shoes since 2003

Our family business has been active in the leather and shoe industry for many years. We have translated the most beautiful ideas on paper for many customers. We do not just listen to what is said, we like to think along with the customer. We include the latest trends and developments in the field of shoes in the design. Because we are not only active as shoe designers but also as producers, we know very well what works, and what doesn’t. Of course, we take the wishes of the customer as a guideline of the design. We consult extensively about the function, the materials, the colours, the patterns and the last of the shoe. Based on the complete picture, we start designing.

Passion and craftsmanship

When designing a shoe line, thinking ahead is necessary. Choices already have to be made about the type of materials to be used, the final price of the shoes and whether the durability of the shoes will be taken into account. These questions have a lot of influence on the final end result. Each material works, costs and feels differently. We look beyond just the design, so there are no surprises when making the prototype.

A strong design for a beautiful shoe line

Whether the customer already has a complete picture in mind or not, it doesn’t matter. Because we actively think along, we know for sure that the wishes and expectations will eventually be clearly set out on paper. In each phase there is feedback to the client so we can discuss progress. Is it what you had in mind? Does it align with the message of the shoe line and your business? Even though we put it on paper, designing is something we do together.

Design a stylish shoe line with us

Would you like to take the first step towards your exclusive shoe line? Van den Breekel will be happy to guide you to a beautiful end result. We stand for the production of honest and innovative shoe concepts and design and produce an innovative collection based on your wishes. Do you have any questions about the possibilities and are you curious about what we could do for you? Then feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you every working day.